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10 tips complement the design of the website

Currently, Web design is becoming more convenient and easy. This article will introduce you to read 10 additional tips for website design in order to increase the usefulness and quality of the site.

1. Put your name and logo on every page and make the logo a link to the homepage.

2. Integrated Search if the website features more than 100 pages.

3. Write titles and page titles simple and easy to understand, clearly explain what the page is about.

4. Building site structure to create favorable conditions for reading and helping people to access and easy to grasp information quickly.

5. Using images of products and services. You should only have a small photo on each individual product page and a link to a photo or multiple photos that show greater detail as desired by visitors.

6. Using hypertext. Instead of cramming everything about a product or topic into a single page, endless, you use the hypertext system to build content space into a starting page that provides an overview and several secondary pages that each site that focuses on a specific topic.

7. Use the title links to help readers preview of where each link will take them, before they click on.

8. Use the thumbnail images to highlight the relevance when preparing small photos and images.

9. Ensure that all important pages are easy to access for users lost the ability.

10. Please do the same as anyone else: if most big websites do something in a certain way, follow them because the visitor will want to do so on your site . Readers use most of their time on other websie, so that's where they form their desire to know how the website works.


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