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Backlink - Effective SEO Methods [SEO]

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important significance to improve the website ranking. One of the effective SEO methods is how to put the other Website link to your Website (Website need SEO) method is called Backlink, a classic method, but still remains the same. That means that your website is of interest to other Web sites, as well as many Backlink.

How to build 1 website content for Seo methods is extremely important [ SEO ]

If you've ever spent the time to learn about SEO, then you are sure to have heard "content is king", which fully shows the importance of website content for SEO 1 is like. So how to "Content" from one element normally becomes "King"?

These tools support the leading SEO [Tool SEO]

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The value of the link in Seo [ link-Seo ]

You really understand the power and value of the work of Seo Link to your website or not? So Seo Technology we will help you answer questions that okay

The significance of Seo, and SEM Ses [SEO]

SEO: From the first, many people care about most and least mistake or SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing search engines, SEO "> Search Engine Optimization - literally translated website optimization to increase website ranking on search engines.

Importance of backlinks in SEO website [Backlink - SEO]

If you are starting to learn about optimizing your website with the tools to learn to make sure that at least once you've heard the term Backlinks. Or that you are starting to learn about SEO will take only a few minutes in any SEO tutorial to find Backlinks terms of.

In this article, Error will talk to you to understand what is backlinks, its past importance in SEO and using it effectively to avoid the bad reviews from the search engine.

What is Backlink?

Simple, backlinks are links from other websites towards your website. The number of backlinks shows the popularity and importance of the website are directed to the Internet community. Backlinks are very important because the search engines especially Google because the search engines (search engine) will be more confident on your website as it has a lot of backlinks to your website and from there will also be many associations are shown in the search results.

Use backlinks?

When search engines calculate the visibility keywords in the search results, it will look way backlinks pointing from other websites especially relevant websites before making a conclusion.

A search engine will look at the content of the website from which the evaluation keywords quality backlinks on the page. Associated with the higher level, the higher the quality of backlinks. If the backlinks are found to be not related to the keywords it will be seen as less relevant and quality synonymous with simple of backlinks is thap.Vi example, if you have a website selling online products computer products and you have a website backlinks pointing from a computer science or computer-related, link quality backlinks will certainly than a backlinks pointing to a women's news website. Of course, if you are looking to talk to advertisers, you will need to study traffic problems on the website that you intend to put your ads there.

Search engines like websites with a level playing field. It will appreciate the website with the number of quality backlinks pointing and steadily over time. This is also the reason that many webmater trying to create a lot of backlinks without regard to the quality and no specific plan details see their website after a period of sudden growth, suddenly not Where steam saw in the table display the search results. There are many websites are created solely for the purpose of providing the backlinks to other websites, search engines consider this website as those set of backlinks messy and very low if not the low point of the website backlinks pointing from it to. So in your SEO process must be taken to avoid placing backlinks on the website of this quality.

Around issues of quality backlinks a lot of the controversy that has no end. Many webmater use the link exchange to create backlinks for your website. They do not pay much attention to the content of the website that they will exchange that usually only interested in indicators such as PR and Alexa, they even offer a very high cost to rent a high PR websites to create backlinks pointing on their website. They do not realize that over time the search engine to filter itself increasingly squeezed these issues. Especially for the purchase backlinks, Google it special attention and ready very heavy fine website with this phenomenon. For link exchange, after a period of reciprocal link exchange between two websites discovered by Google and provide appropriate punishment, the webmater start "World City" spiders by creating the last link in which there are 4 or more websites link to each other in a circle link. However this Error evaluation is only a matter of time before the search engines started smarter with more efficient algorithms.

This does not mean that no link exchange or counterproductive in creating quality backlinks. Evidence that the website started working together there% higher success than just stay out of the website. Search engines can not ignore backlinks if it is placed on the website with the same content with keywords and presented in a natural context and not with the purpose of creating backlinks. That means that if you see the site in the footer or somewhere else a long stretch ngoằng like a keyword 1 | keyword 2 | keyword 3 ... sooner or later these backlinks will also become useless.

If you are a webmater own multiple websites at once and is planning to link them together with the backlinks, the error suggest that you immediately remove such intention. The search engines will look at your server IP address and if the backlinks are not relevant to the content created an uncontrolled way will be considered as backlink bombing. You can still create backlinks but should be limited to one or two backlinks and place it on the purpose of advertising to increase traffic. This will not take points of your website for search engines.

It seems every direction to create backlinks increasingly tighter seal. If so, how to create backlinks standards, without deteriorating the quality of your website in front of the image search engine? This is still a matter of debate in the SEO community, and some of the views and the following factors are considered as standard:

Put backlinks in a natural post on the forums or forum categories have content related to the content on your website. Note that you are in the role of a builder, not a forum spamer.

Contact us to partner with other websites. This is not a link exchange that is the business collaboration in the true sense. Of course, the website intends to work should also be at least partially related to your website content. For example, you have a sales page that people use when working with partners to invite them to sell their products at the same time you can also ask them to recommend your website in the product as a manufacturer or distributor.

Created on your website a quality article, recommend it on the blog community. If the article is really quality content, it will be viral blogging community and a source of free backlinks can be created from it. And of course, this source is completely natural.

After a period of building backlinks, you will need to find a management tool for backlinks. There are various tools and you can find it for free on the Internet. SEO is also a CEO's literally it. 

I wish you success!

[Txt Backlink]

These tools support the leading SEO [Tool SEO]

The workhorse for "web hosting" in the analysis and evaluation of the website, and can help improve rankings.
According to the survey results, 60% access the website through the search services (search engines) and over 90% of web users view only the first page of search results. If your website appears at the top of the results list, the user will have the opportunity to access more. This shows the importance of optimizing websites for search services easier to find - known with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If done correctly, SEO website can help increase both the number of users and site traffic.

SEO is the work required a lot of effort and time. Although the market has advanced tools and high prices, but there are free tools that can help you (the site owner - webmaster) save a lot of effort.

1. Google Webmaster Tools / webmasters

Google "not" something worthwhile, Google Webmaster Tools is one of them. These are online services (requires account) to provide a detailed report on the "visibility" of your website on Google, such as indexing status, the link fails, the query leads to site and many features to help webmaster improve the ability to search for the website as set robots.txt, sitemap (Sitemap) ....

It even checks malware and speed of your website (if you want to check and compare the speed of the competitors websites, you can use a free online service: http://www. / site-speed-checker.php).

2. Google Analytics / analytics

Google added another tool that almost every webmaster knows now: Google Analytics (GA). GA is a tool for monitoring and analysis website. GA requires slightly higher: embedding a script into your web page - it only made the new site. Worthy results, GA for the website visitor statistics, helping you to analyze several important aspects of website content and user to take the appropriate strategy.

Two free Google tools to help you Google "look" of your website as well as how the search service approach this one.

3. Yahoo! Site Explorer

The creation of links play an important role for improving website ranking. There are a number of link analysis tools such as Link Diagnosis, Backlink Watch and Link Assistant. But can not say what tools do well by Yahoo! Site Explorer, it can not only find links pointing to your website but also ordered by level of importance.

In addition to linkage analysis, Site Explorer has a feature to help you do SEO for Yahoo! similar to Google's Webmaster Tools (Bing also similar tool).

Yahoo! Site Explorer new competitors: Open Site Explorer ( has been SEOmoz launched in late January.

4. Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit / expand / SEOToolkit

This is the SEO kit every "crisis" of the software giant Microsoft. This tool can only be installed on IIS 7 web server, but you can use it to analyze any remote site (no web server running on IIS 7, can work with Apache web server running on Linux).

IIS SEO Toolkit includes the Site Analysis components, Robots Exclusion and the Sitemaps and Site Indexes that allows you to analyze the website and make detailed suggestions and tools to make the robots and sitemap editing website content "friendly" with the search service.

5. AuditMyPC Sitemap Generator / xml-sitemap.asp

To "climb" to the top of the list of search results, your website should become familiar with services like Google search.

A "way" is important to achieve this is to create a sitemap (can understand map website) for your website and "declare" for the search service.

There are many tools to create site map, which the AuditPC Sitemap Generator is probably the best tool: it is an online service run in a browser (requires Java), an unlimited number of Web pages.

6. SEO Toolbar / seo-toolbar

Additional libraries for Firefox provides complete SEO kit on a toolbar, including the test rank (Google PR, Alexa Rank), website and keyword analysis, competitive comparison website and many other useful features.

A similar tool for users of the Google Chrome browser: SEO Site Tools ( / extensions / detail / diahigjngdnkdgajdbpjdeomopbpkjjc).

Library extension for Chrome gives you general information about the SEO of the website in a window.

7. Yahoo! YSlow / YSlow /

This is additional libraries for Firefox using combination with Firebug tool. YSlow analyzes web pages and information about the site and make recommendations to improve speed as well as provide tools to analyze the JSLint as and speed.

8. Xenu Link Sleuth / Tilman / xenulink.html

This compact application runs on all versions of Windows (desktop environment, not server), is well designed and easy to use; it has the ability to rapidly detect broken links (leading to 404) on website of you and provide more information to help you easily do SEO.

9. SocialMention

This online service detection on blogs, micro-blogging, forums, question-answer, social networking, calendar events and news to "measurement-count" information refers to your brand or keyword that you enter.

10. Website Grader

This online service measure marketing effectiveness of your website.

It provides scores based on information such as traffic, SEO, website popularity on the social networking and other technical parameters. It also offers basic tips to improve website promotion.

Please quote an expert: "... SEO can not bring immediate results. Can take months or even years to put a website to rank high on search services.

SEO is really passionate about, be patient and take the time to learn, explore new techniques and knowledge to be successful. 


The steps that should be taken when SEO [Basic SEO]

Doing SEO for websites with a lot of work to be done. You should follow these steps:

1. Select the keyword associated with the domain name

This is an extremely important factor. Since the domain name associated with the keyword has a huge effect in making the top 10 Google keyword search.

Choosing keyword nothing related to a domain will make the SEO keyword more difficult and not efficient.

If you compare one keyword domain associated with it and one keyword domai not involved at all, when conducting SEO guarantee you will see the rise of keword associated with the domain name quickly and the existence of its on Google rankings also more durable!

2. Website optimization

Based on your keyword, you specify tags <meta title>, <meta description>, <meta keyword>, and <meta content>. Doing this is also quite important in promoting your keyword.

In addition to the set the meta above, you can create text links in the article to the page where you want to be displayed when the search keyword.

3. Submit website to the directory

There are many directory for you to submit your website for free. Note one thing that you should select the directory with page rank (the higher the better) and select the correct category for your area.

4. Submit articles to add keyword in the forums

This requires you to marvel a bit because you have to prepare articles that attract readers, content filtering and a "unique"! If you are going to copy to post up will rarely be accepted! Most of the high ranking forums are in English so your website must be in English, can be very effective! Submit articles related to your website and do not forget to include some keyword for your website!

5. Blog comments + Forum comment to get a back link for website

This is fairly common and easy to bring back links to your website.

There are two forms of comments through the blog attached textlink for your keword. Note: you should choose dofollow blogs! Accepted for the link on the forum is dofollow or nofollow, there are many tools for webmasters. I know there is one so-pretty or nofollow ons for Firefox. Go to this link and download the installation, restart Firefox can be used. When used, the right to site and select "NoDoFollow". If you are a dofollow links will be blue, if it's nofollow links will be pink.

Registration form is that in forums and create a text link to your signature! This is pretty easy but some forums require you to have a sufficient number of new posts, they show signatures. It must be noted that select the forum that allow dofollow signature!

6. Link exchange

According to her, this is the most important at every stage! You have to create as many backlinks related to your keyword as possible.

There are two basic types of link exchange link 2-way and 3-way link. Link two-way, offer a webmaster or someone who owns a website with the same domain with your website. They will add your link to their site, otherwise you add their link to your page.

You should exchange links with sites with the same domain and has a relatively high rank. If the page does not rank high, you may have to wait very long to get backlink. And one more important thing is not to exchange links with sites that have too many links on one page and communicate with unhealthy content because Google does not like it!

7. Participation in social networks

Doing this also has the advantage that you get more visitors to your website if you join right field. Can get acquainted, exchange comments with other members of the forum.

I wish you success!

The basic techniques for beginners to SEO [Basic SEO]

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and the Internet, Internet users also increased with a huge number. Internet becomes a potential market and is still growing constantly. In particular, demand for information of Internet users more and more. Therefore, if you only web design, but not interested in marketing on the Internet, you have a huge shortcomings and at the same time making your website design in vain.

To brand or marketing your products and services on the Internet, there are many things to do. However, the basic SEO tips that I would recommend is essential that you need to make if you want to reach out more. Or if you have the ability to invest in marketing on the Internet, this is the basic foundation that you can not skip to the beginning.

These are just basic tips, it does not get you high rankings on the search results page if you are doing SEO for keywords that are highly competitive. However for low competitive keywords, your website is likely to rank high in the search results.

1. Subscribe rank (rank)

You can not know the efficiency for your SEO work if you do not regularly monitor your rankings. There are some tools that can help you track your ranking easily as Alexa, Google Toolbar, Google Webmasters Tools, Google Analytics. Simple, especially when you see your ranking on Alexa, Alexa can give you more information about the keywords that the user or the website. Or Google Webmasters Tools can give you the know your website keywords are located in any position in the search results. Google Analytics can help you know the traffic on the web, from any source, at the time how long the site, which pages are viewed most ...

2. Keywords (keywords)

You should identify the dominant keywords for your website and put it into the important position of the website such as: title, highlighted in the text, url, image and name. Title tags and header tags is where the best keywords for your website. Mainstream of course keywords related to your major field or key words meant for the content of the website you want to target users.
See also: How to identify keywords (keywords) for effective SEO

3. Set up internal links (internal link)

According to experts, SEO advice, probably no more basic strategy for SEO by the internal links, this is the simplest way that you can push traffic to the page you want and also is pushing the ranking on the search results in a simple way that even the most content writers can still do it through the editor.

You need to standardize the internal links when creating new content pages. Experts recommend that you should associate (link) the page references other words. From that point to a page more compatible with content that offers many will help your site rank well on search results when readers find you through search engines for the keywords that you create through the internal links. All the links in the content of this article is an example of internal links.
Make sure your links are compatible, and you should not underline the word or phrase links as this will irritate the reader.

3. Create a sitemap

Sitemap (diagram) is a basic work you need to do to help the bot (spider) to access content pages more easily. Sitemap usually consist of the main page of your website. You need to know a thing is when approaching a content page with as few clicks as possible and easy for your content marked by the search engine index.

4. Create friendly path address (friendly url)

The URL should be created in a friendly way together with keywords, keywords that the title of the content page. Friendly URL is the URL that you can easily guess the content or subject before you click to view the contents of the URL.
For example as will be understood that the present website represents the company's website design services website design Viet Solution.

How to set the URL that I had such friendly than common paths type,  if you're a web programmer, you can understand that this is a technical language page Content Id /the-basic-concept-of-seo-website-basic  of functional modules webdesign.

But for the reader, it's totally friendly because it does not help the reader to visualize the content before clicking to view. URL worst form, the reason this is the worst form because in addition to extension of the example just mentioned, it contains special characters make the spider more difficult to analyze URL.

How to set your path does not only affect the search engine spiders, but also less attractive to the reader. An example of a case where you use the chat tool and referrals to your friends list about what you're sharing, how to set up the first path will easily attract your friends to click on to see it because they can identify the contents should read before you click. The second and third very easily overlooked and even a third type URL sometimes suspected of links containing viruses.

5. Avoid using Flash

Flash can perform the function of complex images and motion, but for the search engines it is almost content in Flash will not be appreciated. Because of Flash code structure makes the bot more difficult to analyze its contents. This is not to say you do not know how to use Flash for SEO like. If you need to have the motion is not too complex, the application of javascript from the current javascript code share is enough to help you make these movements can attract readers.

In addition, the use of frames or ajax will make the bot limited access to the content in your website. Ideally, you should limit their use as much as possible to help your website rank high on the search engines.

In case you have to use flash for the home page, the links from this page you should set the external flash.

6. Create a description for the image (image description)

The spider can only read the word in the article's content and can not read the text in your image. In short, when you use the view source of the web browser, the characters that you see is the text that the bot can read. Therefore to understand the image of the spider you provide, you must use the ALT attribute to describe the image. And of course if you are interested in SEO for images, you need to select and determine the appropriate keywords and wise to create a description for the image.

According to some experts, SEO advice, words outside around the bot can also be used for image content. Therefore, creating a caption next to the image is also essential if you are interested in SEO for images. Also, putting the letters in the ALT and annotation text helps you take advantage of the additional keywords for your content.

7. Website content (website content)

The content of your website should be new and regularly updated in order to keep regular traffic to your website. Website content is one of the key points and is an important criterion to evaluate your site ranking on search engines. The building rich content and the user to increase traffic will also support the increasing rank. Also, update your content regularly will be bots visit more often for updates.

Usually the corporate website to introduce the content rarely needs to be updated on a regular basis. Therefore the additional information or functionality similar functions to provide updated information to the user, or you can also create a blog on your site system and its employees or CEO blogging is also a way to get updates. Depending on the specific needs that you need to select the appropriate solution for the updates. Also post updates also help your website the ability to create internal links.

8. Distributing content through social networking media (Social Media)

Creating a blog on your website or elsewhere in the social networking sites is also a form of content distribution via Social Media. Also, take advantage of social networks to share links to your content pages will make your website more traffic from social networks. Currently, there are many Social Media sites you can use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Wordpress, Blogger you can use to distribute content to Internet users. Traffic is also one of the factors that affect your ranking in the search results.

9. Links to other websites (links to other sites)

One of the ways to increase traffic to your website is set up to exchange links with other websites. In particular, the link to the website are appreciated, have good ranking on the search results or websites with good traffic will help to increase your website ranking on search results easily more.

However, you should not overdo the links, the abuse will be considered a "link farm" and make your website can be penalized or downgraded. Most recently, Google has changed the algorithm to combat web content and link farms. Therefore, you need to be really careful.


The basic concept of SEO website [Basic SEO]

Starting from this article, I will show you some experience for website optimization to achieve high rankings in search results. The issues we raised in this article are actually applied to our products whether it is provided free of charge to the customer.

When the project began to business website design and online sales services to customer service, we face the difficulties you may be experiencing. In this paper, we only mention the problem how do customers find your website. However, until now, when you read this document, which means that you have come to us through the search engine Google. With basic knowledge of casting is in the process of development, we are pleased to share with you to your job done quickly and efficiently.
We have confirmed that, not necessarily perform SEO still drive customers to your website through other online services. In Vietnam, we can use the service to place banner on websites with large traffic, made by advertising leaflets, newspapers, etc. However, a website SEO implementation will show customer demand for products and services that businesses that websites provide.

When putting new website to use, many people still mistakenly believe that customers will find your website. There are also some people who know what to do SEO to get good results, but the work to start, not everyone knows. This makes us take more time. effort and cost of implementation. It even creates tension, depressed for implementation.

SEO work requires time, patience and beginners often find difficult. However, sometimes just make simple operations also produce good results for your website. So before going for SEO knowledge, we should learn the basics before and during the implementation process we will draw on the experience itself to edit, modify Sports work done earlier and gradually improve their work.

Here we will mention four basic benefits of SEO:

1. The number of your site is search engine indexing

Before your website found on the search engines, make sure that the site recognized by the search engines and search engines decipher. This means that your website must be structured search engine friendly. You do this by building links easily controlled. That is you have to build a proper hierarchical menu system and data in the site allows the search engines can read. After reading the article, you will draw conclusions why you need so.

2. Rank

Your ranking is really interested done SEO but first of all, you should not be concerned with the ranking. For a new website in use always has low rank. Make your good work to gradually increase your website ranking. Another problem, you will be interested clients instead of those who actually go to the website and exit immediately, right?

3. Visit the website

When the active site is a short time, although lower your ranking but with the important keywords, customers began to look to your website and daily visits will increase. This is a positive signal of your SEO work.

4. The change

The main change is the goal, this is the purpose of SEO work towards. SEO not only increase rankings and visitor but also increased the number of rate changes. The change here is understood as the number of comments on blogs, downloads the company brochures, product introduction, or the number of orders placed through your website.

Before becoming a professional SEO, you start from the basics, specific tasks and track the results of your work every day, every week based on the problem to evaluate the effectiveness of his work. From there, you can draw the experience for myself in the process.