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Backlink - Effective SEO Methods [SEO]

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important significance to improve the website ranking. One of the effective SEO methods is how to put the other Website link to your Website (Website need SEO) method is called Backlink, a classic method, but still remains the same. That means that your website is of interest to other Web sites, as well as many Backlink.

How to build 1 website content for Seo methods is extremely important [ SEO ]

If you've ever spent the time to learn about SEO, then you are sure to have heard "content is king", which fully shows the importance of website content for SEO 1 is like. So how to "Content" from one element normally becomes "King"?

These tools support the leading SEO [Tool SEO]

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The value of the link in Seo [ link-Seo ]

You really understand the power and value of the work of Seo Link to your website or not? So Seo Technology we will help you answer questions that okay

The significance of Seo, and SEM Ses [SEO]

SEO: From the first, many people care about most and least mistake or SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing search engines, SEO "> Search Engine Optimization - literally translated website optimization to increase website ranking on search engines.

Backlink - Effective SEO Methods [SEO]

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important significance to improve the website ranking. One of the effective SEO methods is how to put the other Website link to your Website (Website need SEO) method is called Backlink, a classic method, but still remains the same. That means that your website is of interest to other Web sites, as well as many Backlink.

As I understand it there are three ways that other website that is trusted concern, no reliability and normally reflected in the value of the rel attribute of the link (dofollow, nofollow).

Some of creating Backlink.

1. Use articles to create Backlink

Writing contains much information of interest is a good way to create Backlink. You can post articles on your site and publish Backlink accompanied them. Each site will publish your article Backlink create one. And you absolutely can hire someone or a resource that you post.

2. Use video clips to create Backlink

One way or the other is used to link the video clip. You can create a video clip of your daily life or a fun way to make your own money. Please post this clip on your site and publish them on video sites like,, and other sites. This work will give you a higher ranking on the search engines.

3. Using social networks to create Backlink

Using social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Google+, ... is a great way to generate quality backlinks. To create a link from the social network, create an account, to link people with similar interests, for their comment with a link to your site.

4. Join the forum to create Backlink

The blog owners are keen to receive comments from the readers. Visit the blog with the same theme for your blog and other blogs famous, for their comments. In the comments that you do not introduce yourself to engage in that conversation. For example, if you are watching an article on the Joomla content management, you can ask people "I really enjoyed the content management as page, it allows Mapping with Joomla articles post on the forum, no one knew just how to help her with ... ". Thus, you have to re Backlink simultaneously when users click on the link and make your website rank increases.

5. Install Backlink on open source and resource sharing

This method is widely applicable, the psychological SEOers typed like "temple used" by some users for free resources such as Web Templates, Extensions, ... Backlink to install on it and share, users and resources that will help create Backlink SEOers (so that no one who is not what). People who like "temple for" the resources that were lucky if they help create Backlink SEOers, it was more unlucky malicious code to steal information.
Here is one method that SEOers used, they installed some php source code file like below. Initially they produce a Backlink code, then encode it into a php file and then decode operation


How to build 1 website content for Seo methods is extremely important [ SEO ]

If you've ever spent the time to learn about SEO, then you are sure to have heard "content is king", which fully shows the importance of website content for SEO 1 is like. So how to "Content" from one element normally becomes "King"?

This article will help you understand and know how to build good content for SEO How best.

Content is king when seo website

Normally sure most of us are lazy writing, or problems we want to write is available on the network and we want to copy to save time, but you will not make it prone to think that Google underestimated us because our website is the content copying, content duplication our website with other websites.

There are many sites in the form of sales, in part also writes product content details are sketchy, almost product name only product image + + specifications + price.

It is quite important that you are the most ignored, it was very influential to your website SEO methods.


Simple really, the content is so sketchy, many websites selling the same products and also such content, you lazy and killed many of its advantages, I say that because even in the product details this information, you can spend time closer to describe products, content writing more realistic objective to find more customers, and the piece of content that you can use internal links important for the page to increase the internal strength to his website, there are many other issues .....

To build good content, you must meet the following factors:

- Unique content, fresh, can relate to the content on another site, but do not overlap.

- Provide useful content to the customer.

- Content objectively real, feels friendly customer trust for viewing.

- Community-based content, easy to share viewers via G+, Facebook, Yahoo ....

- The Content use internal links to the website increased strength.

- There should be content to advise clients on all kinds of products.

- Use one of the copywriting elements such as keyword density, use bold emphasis card, you .... to optimize the content.

The form factor on the website will help you create greater reliability in terms of content for both users and Google. If you want to build 1 website is really good and durable, do not ignore this.

I wish you success as Seo!

To learn more about the knowledge of Seo for website you can read more here.

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Forget search engines and users think [ SEO ]

A lot has changed in SEO technology village in the past year. Panda and Penguin are the children towards the new Google remove sites with junk content, copy, use tricks to fool Google, no utility for users, especially those algorithms aimed at site thin content and natural links that do not make these algorithms become more grown up.

In the new world, where people join internet is a growth factor, how can you make these links appear on the top of search results and to increase the visibility of website Google for your customers to find you? And how can you get users to share and link to your content in a natural way?

The factors that you need to have is:

- Create outstanding

- Knowledge

- Always a pioneer

- Creation

- Utility user

- Unique

- Agility and eye for opportunity

- Always ready to adapt

What elements make a successful website seo?

You try to forget the search engines for a minute and think about how Google search content from your post (and how users engage with it).

And consider factors such as:

- Bounce rates: If users access your content from Google, then bounces straight back, which is not a good sign. Obviously, you want your content to attract and resonate with guests and how they care for your Web site.

- Referring traffic: A good link is the first link is likely to increase from a visitor to a target audience. If a link which can be controlled, it is one good link then SEO is really bring money to its target

- Social Networking: It's the people sharing your content through social channels?

- Authorship: Who wrote the content? They are a writer or have the ability to influence the content of the web page. (Copyright The problem is that from past to present is still very interesting)

This is very useful signs can help you evaluate the quality of the content. And from there, you can begin to observe whether a link from there and the quality is reliable or not?

Data on the site is an important signal for Google to your website

Ever since Google introduced PageRank in 1998, all of us are taught to see what it is, how to watch the indicators related to it, how to achieve the higher rungs of the table lists rating of it.

Everyone always focuses on the relevant data, make sense in theory. But when you think about it, it really only care about the actual content and links, that's exactly what it sets more important.

When you create a link, you want it to be set from the popular content, so you create your own links - so it looks like this:

Construction website seo strategies and sustainable long-term

Data on the site is extremely important, especially when you consider that Google is strict control on the link. Domain element is also quite important factors for the site because of its ability to promote good will if your domain name is easy to remember, it's name always provide information about website content towards, but If the domain name that no one in reading the content and it's really not worth the Google reader will recognize this sign, because if no one reads it, Google should appreciate that websie .

You want your content to be edited to make the news content. If you make it to the public, to help promote the website, or sharing knowledge then you are doing something right.

Performance Analysis content where you want to place content

Before you post content, you obviously do not know the content of your post effectively or not and do not know when the article is the tool to find. This makes it difficult to assess the effectiveness of their articles posted to make appropriate amendments that attracted many readers, promoting better image.

But you can try to predict the performance of your content with the experience and its visual evaluation.

For example: When I wrote this article I expected to be of interest and more than 500 of which will be of interest to its 100 and 100 people interested in it would have 20 people liked it. So as I write this article I identified:

+ Read me towards Guest are Seoer

+ What I write is probably what Seoer interest (only from objective assessment itself)

+ Article is published where the number of frequent Seoer

It could be 3 factors that predicted this article I will have a range of 500 or 1000 range reader

Data analysis for existing content will help give you an idea on a piece of content creates many social sharing before it is posted, it can actually be a lot of interest. (The This is mainly based on the visual assessment of each person, each person may own one but do not evaluate any systematic analysis is that it clearly)

By analyzing the data in this way, you can begin to figure out the data that the site you are able to achieve before. Then you can look back and see how effective it is and compared relative to the rest of the site.

Google has many signal and data than ever before. Developing Habits onlien. Internet users using search engines like content will usually prefer not to link to it. So it makes it difficult for Google now assess the full value of a piece of content is based on the data it collected.

Matt Cutts doing?

I always find it useful and look at this as a first ballot for Google, that it is developing in the right direction. Let's face it - it's really important point!

Let's look at the factors that affect search results

- Author rank

- Social signals / shares: Social Networking

- Traffic of the page: The amount of access to the site

- Quality and quantity of comments: The quality and quantity of the comments

These are all important indicators of quality content. It can not be the decisive factor in building the ranking of your website on search engines, but if you lack these things, perhaps you are missing the opportunity to appear on Google search results . Google always assume that is not the content or nature, or just not worth or determine that it is the content that it needs to.

"Deception" to the "It detects" would not be a good strategy

We all know what happens if you cheat in Google it right now. Previously, the link you can pay no adverse impact to you but now the link that you can google to be fine. Therefore, more and more punishment - that is the way that Google wants because it is one powerful way to prevent the use of these tactics drawn from Seoer.

The biggest change in the last 12 months we have seen that Google is closing the gap between their algorithms to bring more value to the user using Google. We already know all we need to do now is to produce high quality content.

The problem is not that SEO has changed a lot over the years and we are gradually adapting to the changes of it. In many cases, the SEO experts have moved and adjust strategies in response to what was best at that time, rather than focusing on what's really important to build a strong online brand and expand.

Google has made to the development towards increasingly more users and Seo world is developing to match Google's changes. But this makes the Seoer always in the passive condition "waiting only live food" waiting for when the new Google algorithm update and then try to correct her without giving any initiative before the new algorithm that Google offers.

Focus on strategy, tactics, and long-term specific

Google Now more combined signal and data, the safest way you can now forget about the short term and the strategic focus in one short moment that you will build a website for yourself and 1 his specific plans, one long-term strategy so that what you do is good and most utility for users but that is not the procedure that you are using to fool Google for the time being at.

To do this, you take 1 minute to put a stop to these questions for yourself:

- Your customers who aims to

- They are subject to

- They need something

- You can really help your customers feel comfortable when visiting your site?

Just resolve that question alone, I believe you will help yourself first build effective Seo strategies and sustainable future.

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The value of the link in Seo [ link-Seo ]

You really understand the power and value of the work of Seo Link to your website or not? So Seo Technology we will help you answer questions that okay

* Weight link

Weight link including the number and quality of links built in one time period specified. Weight is not necessarily linked high number of links to many, and one quality link is not necessarily enough to increase website rankings.

- Volume link

Imagine that we have 1000 low quality links and 10 links of good quality.

Assuming that each link has a mass of good quality (so-called weight) = 100 low quality links

=> Volume of 10 good quality links = 1000 volume of quality links.

In terms of volume equal and so are sure to create 1,000 poor quality links will be faster and use less energy than creating 10 good quality links (calculated at the time of start building links ). However, in terms of numbers it is clear that 10 <1.000 and assuming we need to buy 1 item for $ 1 million. If you put the 10 sheets 100K sales salesman would certainly prefer that to 1,000 sheets 1K.

=> If you consider Google as sellers, top product is the location of keywords, the link will be the value of the currency and the amount is linked banknote denominations define you give google, link quality is the value of the national currency with google products sold to you. (Here's an example to the understandable you do not cut the amount of USD> USD, the quality of American higher link in VN okay. Lame too)

Therefore, the weight associated with the same value of volume 1, but if the link quality will be better appreciated than google and sustainable than the number of links n times more than the link quality the worse. (In this case, google will probably be considered as the most natural and the google algorithm of ever-improving - that would be the death penalty for webmasters and seoers)

* Quality assessment links google how?

Google will evaluate link quality through the other elements:

- Natural links: These links are natural links that are placed around the other text is closely related to the content, field, meaning ...

- Of Link URL: URL of the destination must be optimized (friendly search engine)

- Deep Link: The depth of the link will affect the speed of the robots crawling search

- Age Of Link: Age of the link will determine the level of trust with its search engine. However, not sure that increasing age is associated confidence level of higher search engine (it does not proportional) because it also depends on other factors can be decided the level of trust associated

- Trust level of the link: trust level of the link depends on age and severity of its popularity and quality of link building (in addition to other factors)

- Link Populary: Prevalence of the link is determined based on the frequency of its appearance on the internet through blogs, MXH, websites, forums ... the first time identified

- Relative Link: The relevance of the link is evaluated based on the degree of joint governance of the page content links on the landing page

- Prestige of link building: The prestige of the link building depends on the prestige of the site that the link is placed.

- Dofollow Links: The links are placed in the "nofollow" will not be counted as one vote and if there are "nofollow links" will negatively affect the quality of the link. Therefore, the need to build the "dofollow links" to ensure that the links that are "popular"

- Traffic link: A visitor traffic on that link (directly or through 1 other websites)

 * Speed ​​Link

 As you gain speed or lost in the first link defined period.

=> High-speed links in one short period of time can help you improve your keyword rankings on the SERP for a few days, or 1.2 weeks (depending on the level of each particular case) but it then certainly it will be relegated very quickly and strongly. And it will be difficult and take time for you to restore it back

To get a long-term outcome and stability, the first building associated with appropriate speed and steady is the best way to appreciate google can link your destination.

* Seeking behavior and use of information affects search results

1 To read more interesting articles about Link Out and the impact it may have on the ranking of the website on the search engines, you can see here.

[Source thegioiseo]

The significance of Seo, and SEM Ses [SEO]

SEO: From the first, many people care about most and least mistake or SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing search engines, SEO "> Search Engine Optimization - literally translated website optimization to increase website ranking on search engines.

With this concept, a lot of people doing business online is often equated SEO Promotion website. The truth is not so. SEO is one of the basic and compulsory in the process of promoting a website on the search system. To SEO a website, webmasters often have to use some tools like specialized software or tools available on the Net to measure only the Title, Keywords, Description, Body text, H1, H2, ... H7, the card Alt, Images card, card Robots, Refresh, Topic, .... and countless other specifications. The main principle of SEO is to make a website all the way to each site, and the Web faster, less error than technical, in the light source, less than and special script: There is no system faults is looking for cloaking techniques - techniques to fool the search engines.

SES - Search Engine Submission: Registration website on search engines. The term is also very interesting because it is the simplest and quickest way to help a fledgling website can be listed in the directory of search engines. The webmaster of this type generally use a specialized software such as SES AddWeb Promoter, Hello Search Engines, Dynamic Submission, ... to subscribe to various website search engines. Many webmasters are very proud of this as the software that you have registered for your website (and your customers) to thousands - or even millions of "search engine" just a few clicks - and the software will do replacement. The truth is as simple as that? Take Google, Yahoo and MSN as an example: To enroll in this 3 machine, you are required to do the work: enter security code (for Google and MSN) account or login (if you subscribe to Yahoo). This is only a human being can do - no software capable of making change.

Moreover, the 3 engines are looking for market share dominance with index: Google + Yahoo + MSN accounted for only approximately 85% of worldwide searches. In addition, the Search Engine such as AOL (use of Google results), Altavista, Alltheweb, Inktomi (Yahoo uses the results), Ask / Teoma, Lycos, HotBot Dogpile and accounted for 14.5% of the market is again. Thus the "thousands" of "millions" of "search engines" only remaining market share of approximately 0.5%. Registration is manually doing the right and necessary for your website to be identified early in the search system.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing. This is what the new managers and the business website online targeting. SEM is the synthesis of all the above stages, including website optimization, site registration and search system on the internet directory, put links to other sites (including the purchase link by placing logo, banner advertising) and many other jobs to help websites become more friendly to the search engines to rank websites for keywords in increasingly improved, more website visitors Access more.

Keywords: Key words - words that webmaster or website owner to be important for your website. Often, each site selected single words or phrases as keywords. For example, the website of the Tourist from Vietnam travel, Vietnam tours, ...; website, the entertainment from music, movies, entertainment, music, singer, model, fashion, ... often was selected as keywords. Time ago, keyword is vital for a site. But now with new algorithms from the search engines, the keywords play only a minor role.

Back Link - Link popularity: Link Popularity. One website are appreciated at Google or Yahoo when it has many links from other websites. However, there are not any affiliate links as well as many completely pointless because if you link to a website is listed in the black list (blacklisted for spamming technology used) or the website little or no access on topic and cons of it. Your website could be considered "the same boat" with other websites and thus risk being relegated your website is great.

Ranking, PageRank: With the ranking, the Alexa is accounted excellent reputation for accuracy and reliability. An Alexa website ranking high ranking website means that it is widely known, a lot of visitors and it is also easily be found with a high position in the search system. PageRank is a tool to measure the number of back links a website any. if you have high PageRank websites, the website is meant to be more accessible thanks to the direct access click on the link (or banner, logo) to get to your website and search system also favors the more you .

Search Engine: As the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, ... The search engines use a software called a robot, or spider or bot or crawler to automatically index and index all on our website "crawling" through. Then, this information is sent to the Data Center of the search engine for processing, filtering, sorting and put into storage. When an internet user to find content, they will beat the tasks keyword and search engine directories are searched in its relevant results (previously indexed). This work was carried out fully automatically and with different priorities for each different site. The good site, rich content (such as online newspapers, blogs big east member forums) index will be more frequent. Therefore, search results often fresh for the great site.

Internet Directory: This is the type of internet directories like the Yellow Pages of Vietnam. The folder contains a lot of sites in each category, each of the various topics. Unlike search engine - internet directories that usually works automatically updated by the administrator information through the registration of all incoming website. If your website is present in many internet directories are ranking, pagerank and position on the search engine is also higher.

Internet contains almost all the information relating to every area, every corner of life. But it is very wide, so wide almost no one can control. Appearance of the Internet changes so fast and powerful. The kernel of the Internet is the World Wide Web, with the number in the tens of billions of pages, millions stored in servers located around the world.

It is possible for the Internet as a vast ocean of data, with the multitude of gems are among the pebbles. In everyday life, the demand for information search plays a huge role, and one of the most pressing issues of today's technology is how to "find the golden sand treatment", exploiting this resource a reasonable way, the best benefit for humans. Finding information on the Internet is indeed a great challenge. It's not like dig the black bean rice is mixed in the tank, because data on the Internet by people brought in, we also have structure and organization determined (although the lack of consistency), while That is the black bean seeds are scattered and messy, not a position or any laws. However, the problem is more difficult search problems picking up a lot of black beans. To find all the black bean, you can simply design a sieve sphere large enough to be able to pour the rice into the bucket, with a hole the right size so that the rice grains are caught underground black beans are not, and turned fully around to all the grains have the opportunity to fly out. Finding information on the Internet is quite different.

There are tens of billions of Web pages on the Internet is flooded (many times the number of grains in bins), and the problem is how to make what we want to collect stars to simultaneously satisfy two criteria: Exactly and quickly. Moreover, users do not have the patience to sit through all the web pages contain information to look (he's also not necessarily black bean counting, however, considering the nutrient criteria, most portion of black bean are the same, so the pot before any grain is not important). In practice, users rarely exceed ten sites in the results, and therefore, a more difficult requirements to be addressed, that is what is most suitable to the forefront.

In the past, people often share the data needed to store multiple items, to turn the sub-sections is further subdivided more. Users searching for information through the browse link between the items. However, the topics outlined in the Internet has so vast that this division becomes extremely cumbersome and inconvenient. Today, most people use the Search Engine to find information on the Internet.

For each Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc ...), the user search queries (or, more simply enter some keywords related to the topic to find), and get a list results pages (web pages typically contain key search words), sorted according to a certain criteria. These criteria are aimed at making the most relevant results to search queries.

Free Search Engine building is a big challenge and well worth considering. Of course the product of the students as they do not make sense when compared to Google Search or Yahoo! Search, and of course also carries little commercial value, as well as practical (not to say that there is no Rather then). But for each one of us learn the value of learning and knowledge is so great, because as mentioned above, the array of topics related to Search Engine is a lot.


10 Effective SEO Tips [SEO]

You're afraid of competition appear too much on the World Wide Web? Do not be afraid okay. 10 simple tips will help you gain rankings on the most popular search engines. You do not need to pay thousands of dollars just like many companies do to get high rankings. By considering applying simple tips you will have more progress to optimize websites for search engines.

1. Become an Expert
People are looking for information. That is their purpose on the website. If they see you as an expert in a certain subject you have a good chance to make your site a higher ranking on the search engines. Over time, your rankings will increase because people will find you.

2. Good site planning
Do not focus on the layout of your site. Site layout friendly and reasonable will help the search engines to index. Example: Submitting a site map would certainly be favorable factors and the search engines will love this.

3. Conducting research
If you do not see what research others are doing and follow the competition, you will be left behind there. Always be aware that you know what your competitors are doing so you can be the appropriate action. Doing this will keep you motivated and make you so competitive.

4.Su use keyword combinations
Keyword research is probably one of the most difficult and the most considerable part of the process to learn SEO. When researching keywords, targeting not only the most popular keywords that focus on the combination of keywords. Think about what you would find on your site then it came from the combination of their own keywords.

5.Hay friendly search engine
It takes a long time to know what search engines like and do not like using special keywords. Be friendly to search engines. If you follow their rules, then you will be very beneficial.

6. Focusing on the topic
The search engines do not like more than one topic per page. If you want higher rankings, you should focus on one topic per page. The reason for this is that when you focus on a subject you give more relevant information for visitors.

7.Hay involved in the phonebook.
Do not overlook the importance of creating links back to your site. One way to do this is to participate in as many directories as possible. And the search engines will find links to in this book, especially the large directories usually work a lot in SEO.

8. Maintain updated content
The preferred search engines to visit the new content and constantly updated. The site has no content updates will stagnate and will not be for the search engines to visit. The article directory is a great reference source for new content on your site.

9.Duy over promotion
If you constantly promote your site, over time you will gain a higher ranking in the search results. Just follow these simple tips suggested here, you will get a site to attract customers and profitability.

10.Hay always learn about SEO
Again, as long as you still follow these tips, you need not fear competition. Do not allow the ranking of your competitors do not want to discourage what they ought to do. It will take more time to learn and really understand SEO. Keep all your learning and you will see the achievements.


SEO is the art or science? [SEO]

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the optimization of search engines, achieving high ranking on SERPs (Seach engine result pages) or otherwise to promote the website. But from the website often makes people think of us first specialized department of rigid programming of IT
Those who understand more than 1 bit is always thinking about optimization, to link building, to tag, to google ... But most of those who are and those who will read this article to understand that SEO really is one of art, and to reach the pinnacle of art that people needed one passion and one of his best efforts.

Analysis seize the moment and make the law:
Conclusion 2 from seemingly normal, but make sure to find it you need more or less brainstorming. In conclusion, the results of the first analysis, prediction, inference to be caught in time to first build the detailed action plan. Based on a series of actions lasted, a result will be made to contribute to the use of the whole.
SEO analysis, is caught in time and the success or failure of it based on your final conclusion. Search engine is a giant filter apparatus floor, you'll never know what will be collected from this machine until after it index products. So based on the analysis of data on time, competitors, keyword ... Share gives you at least 1 to envision the future of the project.
Reference: Things to Know Before Investing in SEO of marketing

Always pay attention and precautions:

SEO is not your own, it is not the brainchild of one particular anyone, but it is the experience, the procedure is based on research and understanding of each person. Your opponent is constantly evolving and always ready to overcome any time. Attention analysis, follow-up is absolutely necessary, not always known for his construction of the tactical strategy of trying to guide you in the right direction.
Good strategy is built through the analysis of the website and weaknesses of the product that your website offers. Be aware optimize each page, each column to create one network for overall health website. A good SEO plan to do is never redundant.

It should have one good vision:

An in-depth analysis through the use of software support to get the things to do to adjust your website to good use, but lacks vision for the use of the reader, or in other words, customers goods. Just as you use the car to transport large quantities of goods 1 do not pay attention to the road below.
Any impatience leads to bad performance, it can lose you a lot of more important things. The problem is that one must have vision good enough to influence your work in the future.
SEO needs to go 1 block long, from a number of ways to adjust the meta tags and search hundreds of links to rank high in the first keyword that the search engine. And if you want to rank high for the keyword 1 series products, you first need good vision to what you have said and is building support for future plans. Your service was perfect yet?
Most of the customers are located 1 SEO Vietnam similar question is relevant to whether the SEO work is to ensure the long term one or not? This intelligent thought and many webmasters are interested. Actually, it is similar to the tree you only. The investment in care, fertilizers, watering since I was in MAN 1 seeds build a solid future with one fine roots network and regular care.

Opponents like?

Competition is always constitutes the vitality of the market, you do not think the competition just depend on your website for the VS website. But in fact the competition is that you are here with your own vs the algorithms of search engines as silently judge. This competition is done with your own tweaking of the meta title tag, description and adjust server, load speed and web page including your weight (in kb). Understanding how to adjust to keep up with the changes of the algorithm is not simple one, you would have to invest in this game a lot of time and effort.

Persistence and effort:

Most competitive keywords will require a period of several months to several years to be able to review the results, but you should always make sure one thing that these estimates will never under 100% correct, but keyword can only be no.2 instead no.1 ranking, traffic can be expected only by 50%. So what to do from the beginning is to organize one management plan a series of keywords, based on 1 base phrases related you can mix it. This action requires you to do and think about in these cases can occur and anticipated it. Doing SEO is like you play chess, all the troops deployment staging, every strategy, every sacrifice or change in the country are going towards one final victory. The development must be carried out according to the 1 methodically built plans, the investments in terms of time and effort to have one certain effect in the development of the whole. An overview of the deep will help to save much effort and time.


6 nefarious SEO tricks [SEO]

The nefarious tricks SEO - Is it through the eyes of google engineers?
Almost all businesses, large and small, new old has a common denominator. The common denominator is that they are looking for customers, partners and prospects to increase leading position and brand enhancement with an ultimate aim is to create new business opportunities.
One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to optimize the search engines (SEO). There are many SEO methods can effectively optimize your business website, but besides that there are also some nefarious tricks not only ruin a company's reputation and cause your website to be banned but Gooble also caused a series of problems related to the law.
There is an ongoing debate among experts about what SEO is considered "white hat" SEO and "black hat". In my opinion, the biggest difference is SEO "white hat" search engine helps users bring results on the quality of instruction available. On the other hand, SEO "black hat" involves taking advantage of limitations in the available set of rules under certain sequence search tool.
Experts often disagree about what SEO methods are considered "white hat" SEO and "black hat". In my opinion, the call of this method is what is not important, the important thing here is that some of these tricks are bad ideas and so most marketers should avoid using them.
The reason is changing, but there is a general pattern that is: avoid the SEO tricks to fool search engines and distort the results. This is my personal experience: if a job is done "manually reviewed" discovery procedure available, it is probably a very bad wizard.
It would be safe to admit that if you try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in today's algorithms, the advantage will only be temporary. More importantly, you can face high risks when your site penalized or banned.

6 SEO tricks that manufacturers should avoid:

1. Link farms

Everyone consistency that one of the most powerful influence on the search engine rankings is the number and quality of links that link to a web page. Link farm is a group of websites created with the aim of raising the number of links to a website is available. These links are "false" (to signal quality websites that link) and so they distort search engine results.

2. Automated Content Generation / Duplication

content_duplicationCac search engines love content. We especially liked the content is updated regularly. Unfortunately, creating such unique content will take a lot of time and effort. When trying to create a network of search engines in order to establish more sites from a website, and this will often cause some pages to test the content is generated automatically by the Content other websites to post again.
This procedure is usually accompanied by link farms (because if you generate thousands of sites, you will need to content posted on the site so that search engines will bring them to the list of links)
Google is very good at determining the contents of "natural" and what is valuable content are computer generated. As for arbitrarily copied content from other sites is illegal to copy, and this is considered unethical.

3. Keyword Stuffing

This procedure is related to the portion of the site repeatedly a certain keyword to influence search engine results. Many years ago the search engines have disabled this trick, but for some reason this procedure is still being widely used.

4. Cloaking

The procedure to transfer content to a network of other Web search engine to the user instead. Conventional engine for this procedure is to transfer content to the search engines to rank above a certain limit instead of sending other content for real users.
Search engines discovered this quite easily. If you are suspected of using cloaking tricks, it's easy to someone (such as a Google employee, for example) to visit your site and check whether or not you are cloaking. When detected, the procedure is one of the most reliable measures to prohibit activities website.

5. Hidden Text

This trick to hide text on web pages for search engines which will enter into the list (for the purpose of increasing rank), the visitor will not see. The simplest example is the transformation of white text on a white background.
This procedure is based on a few simple things like tags in HTML, JavaScript or CSS styles to change the web page. Regardless of sophisticated tricks to where it is still found in a few small details.

6. Doorway / Gateway Pages

This procedure is similar to cloaking tricks. Instead of transferring the content to other spiders, another page to find out for certain 1 page rank better in the search engines, but then send the user to another page. Obviously this is not a pleasure for the users when they can not find the content they need.
It's a mistake to try to beat the Google engineers.
Almost all of the tricks that search engines will be unable to detect.
They are based on taking advantage of the current limitations of the algorithm for search engines. Any strategy based on the Internet will surpass Google is not a smart strategy.
Because for most marketers, instead of spending time on the effort they will procedure on investment in 2 things:

• Improve the website to be ranked high because the content and value differences.
• To assist the search engines discover content for the benefit of users. Cooperation with search engines instead of trying to take advantage of them is the only way to help your website function effectively in the future


Search Engine Optimization for your Website [Degisn]

Whether your website is new or 10 years old, the management of its present how the Search Engine is a very important issue for the success of a website.
A typical Website to 61% traffic from search engine results, and 41% own traffic from Google. Ensuring the company's site ranking high in the search results page is a crucial task, which is why search engine optimization (SEO) is the ratio of money in the IT field.
No one knows exactly how the combination of which will be the maximum rank of a website in the search results page, however many people have developed a number of approximations based on history and experience . We have consulted some expert tips and tricks to optimize the search of a problem and here's Website problems are summarized.
Knowing what keywords to optimize
Search engine optimization is useless if you do not know are trying to optimize what. For some businesses, choosing the right keywords is quite easy: a business specializes in trading commodities on candy will choose keywords that candy, cake, chocolate or candy is English, chocolate, or stuff like that word. However, with the site's other businesses are not always so easy, for choosing this site for keywords they are all that matters. The term does an online store that sells many different products should be emphasized? And the website for the general care coverage to a large number of threads to use any search term?
For beginners, you should rely on their own decisions about which terms relevant to the business to optimize, this is the term most people commonly search. One way to assess the popularity of search terms is to use an online keyword tool is designed to see what the collective term is most searched. Both Google Keyword Tool SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool can help you make this issue, with a correct judgment on any of the search terms of your choice, this tool would you recommend for the term related to you does not take much time to think.
Ultimately, it is the last of the numbers game: You need to optimize for the term that is the highest traffic and most relevant to the issues in your website offers. The optimization of the website for terms no one has ever hit the search engine will not generate any traffic to your site even if what you dedicated pursue that optimize how. Therefore, before you make anything, be careful picking out some of the key terms for the optimum.
Focus on the title tag and URL
The title tag should also add in your SEO efforts. When it comes to indexing content, search engines will treat the words in this tag - or rather, the text appears in the title bar of the browser - almost the most important components in a web page. For this reason, you should load it with your keywords, make every title tag on a unique site. One piece of advice for you in this case it is, you should see the tag exists like the title of hundreds of books that you want to publish and customers can find it: "If you put all with the same title, no one can tell them what we have differences. "
Many years ago, some people thought that URL structure is completely irrelevant and only the actual content of the new site is really a matter of necessity. However, search engines today are only interested in the keywords in the URL more keywords in the page itself.
Really well worth the price if you take the time to make your keywords as part of the URL structure. A Quantum of Solace period (for example so) in the URL / quantum-of-solace instead because The URL is clear that not only helps the search engines work, but also helps all the users.
Need to know how the other components associated with how your
If readers like the link to, a website dedicated to providing the download of our software, but a link like "" have a positive influence on the ranking of the site that I get from the search engines than a link like "download the software here." Why is that? This is because the search engine will take into account phrase attached hyperlinks to related.
If you want to level up in rank with a keyword or a phrase that you need to encourage other people to use keywords that are contained in the hyperlink to your site, instead of just using the name site. To do this easily, you can provide a snippet of HTML code that you use proper site link: Many people associate just simply copy and paste it on their website instead of having to spend time to adjust.
The description must be clear
Site by you (and especially your keywords) should be clear and no spelling mistakes. Experience has shown, from "Typos" has caused a major problem for eBay sellers, and the fact that they learned much later why nobody bid on products bracelets called " Tiffanny "of them.
Notice to Flash
The Flash Website looks quite eye-catching form, but the search engines do not care about that. The content of your site closer to the raw text (plain text), the more the search engines to make it work better. Search engines today are slowly but the show works better with Flash, but if you want to see the results of the search page, and HTML text is still the best way.
Anti-theft and duplicate content
One of the most difficult SEO problems should be treated as duplicate content issues - tend to other sites steal your article published back then as their own. All search engines have difficulty in recognizing the public version is the original version, because you may be unfairly treated by such a mirror site if the engine fails to recognize one copy of anyone. The mirror sites will show up in the search results page when people search from click on the link of the search engine: "repeat the search with the omitted results included," but not many people used to do so.
To deal with the case of duplicate content, many Web hosts have mechanisms for reporting such abuse is an infringement of copyright. (For example, Google Blogger service has a notification system so). The process can be very complicated, but your efforts will be rewarded if they help you to prevent disadvantages that those who do not play nice affect you.
Test with OnlyWire
OnlyWire allows you to automatically submit content to a site more than 20 bookmarking sites social nature with a single click. OnlyWire also allows you to embed a link "bookmark & ​​share" on your page to allow visitors to execute the same. To get the best results, individuals should bookmark the home page of their own and small sites each month. " The option to submit content to social news sites can do big overload of traffic, but this really is a very strategic "hit-or-miss".
Use phrases links between pages
If you use the phrase internal hyperlinks in your homepage, the links within the content of your own to make, this link from one page to another page within your Website will help improve your site ranking in search results.
Quality is top priority
This is clearly evident for the optimization problem, the quality of your website content is the first thing that any SEO strategy. The results of the Search-engine is affected by a wide range, which is the number of inbound links to your content, whether those links come from blogs, news stories or news sites other societies. Unless you allow your visitors a compelling reason to link to your site, otherwise you will not get those links and will not increase your ranking in the search pages - though of course Your frequent appearance of your home to go much further. Writing the blog post content stimulating. Create interesting copy for the goods on your items. Include both photos and videos on the site. Make whatever you can manually set from millions of other websites on the Web.
Not to SEO to follow a fixed path
The final section for advice Fishkin: "SEO never have to experience the usability or user. What is good for the user will always be the best way for the engine, so the Web site building best of your ability - with the best content, best design and best architecture - will brings you success in your search engine rankings. Make sure that whatever you build, search engine can be accessed easily and then success will come to you.

Using Google Adwords Advertising or use SEO services ?! [SEO]

When it comes to online marketing, the advertising options on Google is one of the first plans for businesses to think about the right direction for customers.
Choose one of two options: Google Adwords or SEO has made many marketers fret about the effectiveness and budget for the program. Not every company can implement both strategies simultaneously, but if forced to choose would you focus on what plan?
Website Optimization (SEO): ADVANTAGES OF "NATURAL"

The more "natural" is attracting more clicks

Google Adwords advertising anyway, while the natural result is the result not advertising. It is therefore not surprising that the rate of customer choice results "natural" many times higher than Google Adwords Advertising choose. Here are some statistics you can help shape the role of SEO:
- 86% of search results to choose the more natural the advertising results.
- 70% of search objects immediately look at the natural result of (operations research in the eyes of search).
- According to a separate survey: 78% of respondents found the information useful Adwords advertising account for only 40%.

The level of trust

The results are naturally bring more trust advertisements, it is extremely important factors when advertisers want to target customers and their effectiveness. Specific information through the survey, about 14% of consumers trust advertising Adwords, but there were 29% felt uncomfortable with forms of sponsorship advertising. Here are the numbers to force advertisers to think about making plans for the advertising message more appealing to customers.

Customer value

The first 10 results of Google giving you the customer that you do not have to pay for each time they visit your website. Besides, the customer is "valuable" than customers from Pay per click, in particular, about 17% more customers manipulation (turning pages, reading ...) compared with ad sponsorships from SEO and Conversion rate is often higher than Adwords.

Customers to easily distinguish between advertising

Advertising and promotional create different impressions to users before clicking the link to the website. Not difficult to distinguish Google Adwords advertising and 54% of users to easily identify this factor. This is also a very important parameter to help decision makers plan advertising accounted for the optimal ad placements and creative messages for yourself.

Click price will be pushed up

With the policy of auction Google Adwords keyword, a hot tag will quickly be pushed to a higher price level and the ability of customers if they want to maintain the ability to reach customers, there is no other way to price increases. On the contrary, SEO is maintaining reasonable fees and few changes, this is an important factor to help management capabilities Marketer budget easier.
Sustainable Results

SEO optimized website that is not only the content, structure, linking technique but also attracting access. Once you have achieved success in a high ranking, the ability to change that ranking will be much slower than the rate of disappearance of Adwords. That is the basis of long-term investment if SEO really bring great resource for your chosen keywords.

Tophu weak case

72.3% of users rated Google natural search results compared with 27.3% choosing Adwords Advertising with Yahoo this rate is 60.8% - 39.2% is enough to show the important role of how SEO impacts.


No method can offer advertising messages reach customers faster with Adwords and it is difficult to find out the governance model that is simple and so effective. Google Adwords ad has the great advantage that no other marketing plan can bring quick and efficient as it specifically.
Search Results
If an SEO campaign start investing until you get the result 3-5 month period is not short. "Time is gold" and if you implement SEO strategies must accept the sacrifice of your time. In contrast, quickly Adwords ads only show up after 10 minutes program. If a promotional campaign only done within 1 week or 1 month, Adwords is the best choice.


Small budget but still effective, it is indisputable advantages of Adwords. With 1 100 USD to implement overall SEO campaign is not the opposite of Adwords, which is enough to make number 1 Adwords advertising campaign with a few important keywords. Keyword optimization, focusing on phrases related directly to the customer's needs is the basis to ensure that each dollar bet on Adwords to bring maximum efficiency. AdWords can cost businesses thousands of dollars, but it also does not deny 100 USD monthly fee that you pay to your account.

Easy to Control

Adwords management with flexible modes and simple, allowing customers to easily control processes and ad campaigns than SEO. An SEO campaign requires many technical and organizational plan, build website content, while Google Adwords advertisers do not care about this factor. The principle of sponsored ads also quite simple in terms of you are willing to pay a reasonable price for your ad.
Contracts are not too complicated
If the surface binding contract with SEO partners including the provision of information security and risk Adwords penalty is not too heavy on this account. Just add money to your account as your ad appear quickly, whereas if there is no money to run ads, you will quickly disappear until there continue advertising budget.

Can optimize Google Adwords advertising to reduce costs

Not only is the new SEO website optimization that joining Google Adwords you can fully optimize advertising, improve quality parameter (Quality Score). So if you have the ability, be clever combination of knowledge SEO and Adwords ad, you can absolutely do all of your advertising campaign.

With these factors were comparable, difficult to say that SEO or Adwords method better. For each investment strategy Marketing, will now be the most suitable option or through the advertising consultants looking to optimize costs. Important issues and the core of every effective campaign is your business, so let's analyze the pros and cons carefully, and budget your power to choose the most appropriate method

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Website Optimization (SEO) [SEO]

SEO is a process in which your website will be optimized for the friendly with the search engines and the search engine is "love". That means that your website will be listed as the first result when searching on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN ... To do that effectively you first need to understand principles of assessment of search engines. Search engines will judge your website based on two basic criteria: consistency and rigor of content with search keywords and link popularity - the number of quality links to your website. Some other search algorithms decide the position of your website based on the criteria of website architecture, content visibility, the friendliness of the source website for search engines.
Consultants create and select keywords.
Our staff will begin by examining the current status of your website guaranteed website optimization process will not be affected by the current source code is written. It will then continue by searching the search engines as well as the use of specialized software to gather information and create a list of specific keywords related to your website with the largest traffic . And then we would advise you to help select the final keywords for promotion. .
Content is still number 1.
After creating a list of keywords for your website, this list will be conveyed to us the content of your website accordingly. We will also advise you of quality articles and website effectiveness. Throughout the process of optimizing the website, the related keywords are carefully taken into html tags such as alt tags, meta tags, text graphics, links ... Expert our technical knowledge is very clear from the SPAM Key will not bring the desired results. .
Implementation of the report.
To start the optimization we will perform a survey on the current status of your website that will give us a comprehensive picture of what is there. After completing the optimization process we will have 1 full report on the status of the website. You can compare and know what we have done. .
In the process of optimizing the website we will send the report every 30 days for you to grasp the implementation process. Our experts will also maintain a program to control the results of the implementation of optimization, ensuring no keywords were relegated. We will often call or email you every week to discuss the results and to ensure satisfaction, we always encourage you to call us for advice and answer questions. .
Strengthening links.
One very important factor to maintain your website rank high on search engines is links from quality sites have in common with your website. The number of links as much as the high quality of website ranking is improved. .
Strengthening links with many different ways including: submitting your website to directories, search indexes, exchange links with websites that share content, purchasing links using the techniques ... and specialized software we will help you strengthen the link between dialogue quickly in one short. .
However, before we start doing that you also want to achieve TOP 10 rankings on the search engines can not be the result of one single process that is synthesized results. The ranking on the search engines change week by week and month, so we need to maintain control and implementation of supplementary aids regularly to achieve the best results. Focus on the right customers will bring greater efficiency to revenue optimization and search engine marketing would be an effective strategy leading.

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Effect of Outbound Links in SEO [SEO]

The debate around linking Outbound finally get a comprehensive explanation short. Why online marketers and webmasters have avoided the link to the other website?
Many webmasters feel disadvantaged when placing outbound links to other websites, with concerns that it could somehow make their PageRank drop.
There is much discussion about the links outbound revolves around two ideas, one is to reduce outbound links PageRank, the two exchanges is rushing to the site will have a negative impact inbound links that Google thinks you are using SEO tricks " black hat "(tricks to fool the algorithm in search engines). However, the 2 comments above are incorrect.
1. First, do not eliminate the outbound link to the positive impact that inbound links to your website.
Assuming that your Google Pagerank is 4, and 1 page of your website has 8 external links that will not affect anything harmful to your PageRank.
It can benefit the PR of other sites, but not at the expense of your PR to do so. The PR benefit you bring to other sites similar to your site's PageRank divided by the number of outbound links on that page set. So, if PR 4 divided by 8 outbound link means that you give the other site PR juice 0.5 units.
This logic also applies to the internal links, and the benefits of a Web page brings together.
2. The second problem is about the idea - if you have outbound links, the consequences of the "bleeding" 2-way link that can make Google think you are using the nefarious tactics - not necessarily true.
The first factor is the link to the site you have in common with your field. The site will put this in turn link back to your site, and it only improve your ranking up only. If you link to the site is good, no spam or Inbound Link linkfarm, the interaction will not harm your PR.
To ensure that outbound links do not cause harm, should actively create links interact through the exchange of messages, noting the outbound link that is placed around the page, instead of creating a "links" or "resources" overwhelmed outbound links because Google does not get good reviews, and as such we will no impact on improving the website's Pagerank.
The more your site is evaluated as an address provided useful information, the appropriate quality outbound links, the more that will help you. While helping to promote other sites through the links outbound seem non-intuitive, you'll also get high enough quality inbound links to improve ad placement for your site, which will result more and more of your page to appear on the page social bookmarks like Digg and StumbleUpon.
So what makes a quality inbound links can really help improve PR?
In many cases it is the outbound link to sites that may be good PR. The key problem is, the link must be consistent with the information content on your website. An article followed by a long list of solid links will not bring much benefits to your website.
You need a positive link to the blog post on blogs quality consistent with your topic, the resources and links related to the level of content through your information. Such sites are certainly not consistent with the content on your site, but it does not necessarily have the same point you made.
Link to sites with domain names like. Edu or. Org will be very beneficial, likewise back links from sites that are valuable because of this site will bring common sense, non-commercial and does not seem you are the traffic to your site.
Link to the site to discuss topics related fields to your website is also very beneficial for you, because it could link to the catalog page as DMOZ or Yahoo Directory. Link to sites with good position on the search results page - assuming that it is not your direct competitors - also beneficial because they are considered reputable sites in your field related to .
While not necessarily have outbound links in order to improve PR, they are not harmful as is commonly thought. Outbound links to sites with high quality content that is relevant to the information on your website or hardly any, impact on positive and PR of the website.
The link between good site very much beneficial to other sites, and set up engineering Google's ranking algorithm knows this. Linking out is not belittling your website, it does not prevent you from being tagged as a spam or black hat SEO tricks. You have nothing to fear from the possibility of harming the reputation outbound link your website, instead of trying to turn your website into a repository of reference indispensable important market sector you're out operators.
If you are currently preparing to embark on an online business, you certainly agree that the blog is open the website gives you the great benefits of advertising with very short intervals, in addition, it also provide a perfect environment to improve the ranking of your website through the link to the outside-related weblogs or sites mentioned in this article


Increase Page Rank with SEO tricks 5-6-7-8-9 [SEO]

Here ESHIP Vietnam would like to introduce to you a number of quality websites to link to you can put a significant increase Page Rank 1. Join Message Board Discussions at There used to WYSIWYG tool post, please insert your textlink on (PR8).
2. Comment on the site Then email to comfirm, it is more a (PR8)
3. Create a profile on and post a link to your website via the "comment wall". (PR8)
4. Join Google Earth's community (forums) and continue to insert links in signature. (PR8)
5. Join forum and post links to your website (PR8)
6. Create a profile in and post links to your website. (PR7)
7. Create a profile in and post links to your website (PR7)
8. Create a blog post now and link to your website. (PR7) 9. Create a blog post on and link to your website. (PR7)
10. Create a Profile at and post links to your website (PR7) 11. Create a profile on and post links to your website in your forum iVillage (PR7)
12. Create an account and post comments on blogs Add 1 release (PR7)
13. Comment on the blog (PR7) 14. Comment on blogs (PR7)
15. Comment on articles (to register nick) (PR7)
16. Comment on (to register nick) (PR7)
17. Create a profile and post in backlink (PR6)
18. Comment on stories page: (PR6)
19. (PR6)
20. Register at (to register nick) (PR6)
Surely after 1 month PR Website you will grow significantly faster


Method to increase website rank [ SEO ]

These procedures are not effective? According to some, they are very effective. But please note that the method requires some effort you have to try a lot of new and successful conclusion.

To increase your rank in the long term, I suggest that you should focus on developing quality content for your website that is new and interesting things to attract the most readers, do not just focus on how to increase Alexa rank a fake created. A certain content or which have links to reviews from other great sites will give your site an increase in traffic in a natural way and it is a great way to help you increase your rank.

It is very important to emphasize that you should devote more effort to develop content to gain more readers besides using the following procedure:

1. Install the Alexa toolbar or Firefox SearchStatus extension and set your blog as your homepage. This is the most basic step.
2. Put Alexa rank widget on your website. A few days ago I put up on my blog every day and have found that many people want to visit. Each click is counted as a visit even if people do not click the Alexa toolbar installed.
3. Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar. This includes friends, fellow webmasters as well as site visits or who read your blog. Be sure to link to your site so people know the Alexa toolbar and tracking system so your readers know Alexa benefits of using this toolbar.
4. You work in the office or your own company? Please install the Alexa toolbar or SS Firefox extension installed on all computers and set your website or blog as the homepage for all browsers. This only works when using dynamic IP or IP different machines.
5. Please invite your friends to vote for evaluation and profile your website on Alexa. I'm not 100% sure that it will affect your ranking, but it also helps to be more or less something.
6. Write about Alexa. Webmasters and bloggers love to hear about ways to increase your rank. They will link to you and will bring traffic to you.
7. Advertise your URL in webmaster forums. The webmaster usually install the Alexa toolbar. If there are webmasters that visit your website and leave a few words of comment useful that it is a very good way for the community to know that you have something on your website or to share.
8. Write content related to webmasters. This may fall into the topic of Domain and SEO, two areas that most webmasters to see on your website, they have the Alexa toolbar installed. Then promote your content on social networks or forums.
9. Use the URL of the website Alexa Ridirect. Try: Replace by URL of your website. Please use this redirected URL in blog comments as well as forum signatures. This redirect will count a specific IP once a day so clicking it multiple times and only one IP. Nor is there evidence that this is beneficial for your rank, so use caution.
10. Writing on social networking websites or forums with Asian languages. Many webmasters have suggested that the users in the East Asian countries are fans of Alexa toolbars, see the website presence in East Asia in the Alexa Top 500. I recommend you do this when I have time.
11. Create a webmaster tools section on your website. This is a magnet to attract webmasters frequently visit your website.
12. Evoke. This usually gives your website visitors to see and lots of viewers that will increase your rank.
13. Use PayperClick advertising program. Buying advertisements on search engines such as Google will help bring in Traffic. Will Doubly if your ad is highly relevant to webmasters.
14. Create an Alexa category on your blog and use it to include any articles or news about Alexa. This is an easily accessible resource for webmasters or casual search on the network, while it increases your ranking on the search engines.
15. Optimize your article. Please select the articles to get traffic from the search engines, in addition to a graph or a widget at the bottom and link to the article or use the Alexa Alexa redirection URL address of the other articles in your website.
16. Buying traffic banners and links from forums and websites for webmaster. An easy place to see advertising will drive lots of webmaster traffic to your website. This can significantly boost your rank.
17. Hire forum posters to pimp your website. You can use the signature on the webmaster forums or promote specific articles to pull customers to your website.
18. Pay for the net or net cafe owner to install the Alexa toolbar and set your website as the homepage on their computer in the shop. Maybe this is hard to do, but it is a very effective way.
19. Using MySpace. This is a little shady, so I do not recommend it unless you really care about your rank. Use pictures or banners and link them to your redirected Alexa URL. This will be most effective if the content on your website specifically related to MySpace.
20. Try Alexa auto-surf. They are not effective? It can be effective for the new site. I think they are best suited to the new site and have very low rank. Please note that when you use auto surfs alongside contextual ads (contextual advertising) as AdSense, it will have problems. This is not a solution to improve your rank in the long term, so I advise you to be careful when using


Principles of Web Design for SEO [SEO]

1. The basic principle quality website

Website designed for users not for search engines.
Information, website content standard, mainstream users are not scams.
Avoid black hat seo tricks ignored by the search engine, although the search engine is only machine you can overtake, but it is difficult to overtake your rivals, they will report to Google.
Make your website design unique, value creating community. Make it stand out from the competition website.
Keep your content updated and relevant. Fresh new information on the subject increases the likelihood your content will be crawled by Googlebot and user clicks.
2. Website design and website administrators to avoid:

Create content automatically, copy, copy does not leave power.
Sports in the exchange, purchase textlink (link).
Website use cloaking
Shifting from another site on your site.
Using hidden text, hidden links on the website.
Building Doorway Page.
Scrape contents.
Create a dangerous sites, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other malware
Using structured data in order to increase the information and highlight the search results.
Sending automated queries to Google
Your Website is designed and tried stuffing keywords on each page.


The basic principle when designing websites [designing]

Until now, the web design is not as difficult as before. You can learn about web design techniques to make your own website at the request of the company or hire website designer to do this work on your behalf.

The web design is simple, but how to have a quality website that the problem is established website needs attention. In this article, let us learn some basic principles for designing quality website.

Last wounds share design principles for quality SEO websites on Google, website quality guidelines are appreciated on the Google search engine.

The basic principle quality website

Website designed for users not for search engines.
Information, website content standard, mainstream users are not scams.
Avoid black hat seo tricks ignored by the search engine, although the search engine is only machine you can overtake, but it is difficult to overtake your rivals, they will report to Google.
Make your website design unique, value creating community. Make it stand out from the competition website.
Keep your content updated and relevant. Fresh new information on the subject increases the likelihood your content will be crawled by Googlebot and user clicks.
For quality web design, web administrators should avoid following problems:

Deliberately creating automated content or copy content from other websites to your website in order to save time for website content. This is the case of many webmasters make even though they know the search engines evaluate the content of the article is not high. What about you?
Make exchanging links, purchasing links on other websites to increase website rankings.
Deliberately inserting hidden text, hidden links on your website.
Sending automated queries to Google.
Webmaster deliberately cramming the desired keyword phrases in your site's content.
Deliberately inserting malicious programs on the website.
And other tricks to bypass, deflect the search engines as well as the dung.Tren are just some ideas on the design quality by our website collected from the internet for your reference. For more useful information, please visit later or go to website to find out through the search engines on the internet.
Wish you success!

Experience top 10 SEO keyword on Google Search [SEO]

I'm not a professional SEO people. But over a period of self-exploration and learning yourself draw out some personal experience. I think this experience is also quite useful to share out here for your reference.

Doing SEO for websites with a lot of work to be done. But in order to do her the basic steps are as follows:

1. Select a keyword associated with the domain name:

This is extremely important factors. Because domain names are associated with the keyword great effect in making the top 10 Google keyword search.

The selected keyword is not relevant to what will make the SEO domain keyword more difficult and ineffective.

Compared with 1 keyword domain associated with it and one keyword can not invoke domai when conducting SEO guarantee you will see the rise of keword associated with rapid domain and its existence rankings on Google and more durable!

2. Optimize website:

Based on your keyword, you specify set meta title, meta description, meta keyword and meta content. Doing this is also quite important to push your keyword.

Also placing in the meta text, you can create a link in the article to the page you want to be displayed when the search keyword.

3. Submit website to the directory:

There are many directories to submit your website for free. But one thing to note is that you should choose the directory with page rank (the higher the better) and select the correct category for your area.

4. Submit articles incorporating keyword into the forums:

This requires you to marvel a bit because you have to prepare articles that attract readers, and content selection is "unique"! If you are going to post up copy will rarely be accepted! Most high ranking forums are in English so your website must be in English to be effective! Submit articles related to your website and do not forget to enclose the few keyword for your website in it!

5. Blog comment comment + Forum to get back links to the website:

This is quite common and easy to bring back links to your website.

There are two forms via blog comment with your text link for keword. Note: you should choose dofollow blogs! For the accepted link is dofollow or nofollow forum, there are many tools for webmasters. I know there is a pretty good one that is NoFollow Addon for Firefox. The download link for you to install, restart Firefox can be used. When used, simply right click on the web page and select "NoDoFollow". If the link is dofollow it will be blue, if the links are nofollow will be pink! Note that only Firefox 2.0 - 3.6 is the new user!

Registration forms are more in the forums and create text links to your signature! This is fairly easy but requires some forums you must be a sufficient number of new posts, they show the signature. Also to note is selected to allow dofollow forum signature offline!

6. Exchange link:

According to her, this is the most important on the line! You have to create as many backlinks related to your keyword as well.

There are two basic types of link exchange is the link 2D and 3D link. Link 2 pm, offering a webmaster or a person who owns a website that has the same field with your website. They will add your link to their site, otherwise you add their link to your page. Link 3 pm, I give the following example

I have 2 websites and

He invited me to exchange website links are also 2 and I asked them to add my link page on the site their On the contrary I will add their link to the page You just figure out the triangle will understand how 3-way link!

At this stage you should exchange links with sites with the same domain and page rank okay. If the page has no page rank, you will probably have to wait very long to get back links. And another important thing is that we do not exchange links with sites that have too many links on one page with the page and swap unhealthy content because Google does not like it!

7. Participation in social networks:

Doing this also has a section to your advantage to earn more visitors to your website if you join right field. Can get acquainted, exchange comments with other members of the forum.