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Backlink - Effective SEO Methods [SEO]

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important significance to improve the website ranking. One of the effective SEO methods is how to put the other Website link to your Website (Website need SEO) method is called Backlink, a classic method, but still remains the same. That means that your website is of interest to other Web sites, as well as many Backlink.

How to build 1 website content for Seo methods is extremely important [ SEO ]

If you've ever spent the time to learn about SEO, then you are sure to have heard "content is king", which fully shows the importance of website content for SEO 1 is like. So how to "Content" from one element normally becomes "King"?

These tools support the leading SEO [Tool SEO]

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The value of the link in Seo [ link-Seo ]

You really understand the power and value of the work of Seo Link to your website or not? So Seo Technology we will help you answer questions that okay

The significance of Seo, and SEM Ses [SEO]

SEO: From the first, many people care about most and least mistake or SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing search engines, SEO "> Search Engine Optimization - literally translated website optimization to increase website ranking on search engines.

More A Step In Process Google Adsense Account Register

If tracking IT forum in the world and Vietnam in the last one week, you'll easily find a pretty hot issue for community bloggers - those who want to earn extra income from sharing ad network profit sharingGoogle Adsense that registration process will be tightened before.

before the situation too many people sign up, there are many accounts of subscribers, services or subscribe abused party services 3 to register multiple accounts Google Adsense Support Team led group to review the registration process and the application purifying unqualified starting 1/9/2011.

According to a new process that Google posted on Page Adsense Blog, the new application will have to go through two stages. When you submit the registration form with full information, Google will review the information you sent and if found eligible will be sent a notification that allows you to access the Adsense account and get the code to add ads on its website. In the past, it is all you and you can begin the process of making money with Google Adsense. However, since the application of new processes, they are allowed to access the Adsense account does not mean that you have officially joined the Google Adsense community like everyone else. You just passed the first door!

2nd door will be harder because it determines whether you can participate in this network or not. You will have to get the code and set up ad pages open when you submit your application. Of course there will not be any advertisements that appear only to ensure a space pirate and no click no harm for Google advertisers. During this period, when logged into your account, you will see a message in the form of "Account is awaiting approval stage." This means that you have not really been involved Google Adsense network!

Once you get promotional codes attached to pages you have already registered, Google Adsense Team will check and see if they would be OK for you to participate in the network Google Adsense and advertising will appear immediately after you receive notification from Google Adsense 2. Of course, if Google Adsense Support Team doubt you are using tricks, you will receive a 2nd email, but the content will be "rejected" and you will lose the right to login to your account.

Starting today, we'll begin adding a new step to the review process and sendingnotifications at two key points . After a new application is submitted, we'll begin withpreliminary checks on the site and the Applicant's submitted details. If the applicationpasses through this first stage, we'll notify the Applicant by email, grant them access account, and cung them with ad code to place on họ submitted site. It's essential at this stage for the Applicant to place the ad code on Their site , as the review process can not be completed until the ad code is implemented by.
Tuy nhiên, live ads will not ngay vẻ once the ad code has been placed on the submitted site. Since the application has not been fully approved yet, temporary "blank ads" will be shown instead. These blank ads will blend in with the background of the page , users will not see over them and the user experience will not be impacted. As a result, there's nothing to click on and thus revenue the can not yet be generated. If the Applicant logs into họ AdSense account at this stage of the review process, they'll see a reminder Furniture Their account is still under review .
Soon after the ad code has been added to the submitted site, a final approval Decision will be made and the Applicant will be notified by email. Newly approved publishers will see live ads automatically trong họ the existing ad units on pages. These publishers are then welcome (and encouraged!) To add more units to Their ad and submitted to any other site-compliantsites They own policy. We Also Encourage publishers to Ensure Their new sites are available to be crawled by the AdSense robot (Mediapartners-Google), and am also to use our best-performing ad formats. C evil you remember, you have to place the ad code on your website properly declared in the registration form on the page as if another code set will easily be rejected immediately. Furthermore, should directly and not use 3rd party tools like plugin, iframe ... and must comply with all policies, terms of use that Google has put out. This will prove to Google that you have researched carefully before enrolling and understand the rules of play.

Note: The review process applies only to those who participate from 1/9 / 2011 and does not apply to accounts that were previously approved so you already have an account and can be assured.

wish you success!

Sharing successful experiences of my reg GA (adsense registration through intermediate site)

Surely everyone has read the GA registration through the period, but many people still fail, GA situation increasingly difficult to make one everyone knows, I wrote a little bit of my experience and the reg the! honest in his reg also failed many times before (well not until more than a dozen blogsthat do not DC acc GA), reg at I will say how to subscribe to one recent post.

this article I would say the last 2 reg site the time:

I approved right after 1 day: Create one account, under the guidance of it, this guy promiscuous registration that horrible.
The Games you write 10 articles (English, Spanish, he used google translate or copy somewhere, then we write 10 introduction to Vietnam) + 20 the photo ( Note to do little cute girl image for many people in the you, man that do not love watching beautiful girls)
I just write like that, do not need to post videos on what to do for hard
Finally a site where all of it and then wait for mail subit welcome offline GA

+ http://www . /
Reg nick (this is very simple)
Posted 2-5 blog , post a picture only reach 10, this guy wrote that many doctors just 1 acc del Flixya at it right there (guilty spam) the public toi.
enough Writing Posts and registration on GA always, a few days later still to write little more normal okay!
This guy, I waited a while (true 1 last week approved )

If you like it, then move reg DC about blogsopt well!

article is copyrighted by forum members on vietmaker aducvnn.
authors thank very much!

How effective registration Google Adsense?

According to experience myself recently Google Ads accepted for participation advertising publishers.On the forums, blog topic that many complained about not being accepted into the Google Adsense space. So I wanted to share with you for your reference, yet his manner is lawful and consistent with the rules of Google Adsense yet. Not registered through many other services such as online article.Registered overseas through foreign service, it is equivalent to the scam, trying to overtake Google.Try asking where Google Ads is a small company where I allowed myself to be fooled? According to those who know that their registration through the external service account that it will not live long.Google will detect and disable account soon enough.

So the registry key is most certainly a good thing for her, I have applied many times to participate in approved ... So how to register for Adsense maturity and approved by the experts at kill your website?I would like to present some of their

experiences: ---

1. Domain must operate at least 6 months (To ensure sustainability ..)

2. You must be the owner of the domain or authorized by the owner and have full control over the domain and DNS server. (To ensure the rights ...)

3.Phai have the right to edit html, php ... site ... (To verify the domain site Ownership ...)

4.Chain capacity on site to clean and does not contain adult content ... (According to Google Adsense ...)

5.Trang easily navigate to site visitors ... (To display an ad to be effective ...)

6. Keyword article to a modest, limited to 3-5 phrase keyword .

7.Nen the Host of pay, should not host ... Free (To ensure smooth operations, avoid host down ...)

8.Not other ads placed on your website ... ( According to the law of GA ...)

9.Nhat must comply with the provisions of Google Ads offer

... ---

When you are a Webmaster , if you feel you have done the right thing above 9, you can catch to work to apply for Partner Ads. Make sure you will be accepted at art when Google Ads destroy your site ...

How quickly your application be considered? Based on this experience, you should submit an application in terms of time (21h -> 2h morning star). Why is that? Because Google Adsense Department located in the United States left Vietnam with his show, now it's time for the experts of the GA is working ... Make sure your application will be considered by the color experts GA. And will receive mail from Adsense Support quickly to ensure that no more than 24 hours.

To ensure authenticity you can send invoice domain to your Google Adsense Support after you register Adsense ....

If you have done enough in if its way above this, the results certainly approved an application by 90% ...

Ok, the remaining work after submitting the review on your site, where they have not been edited Back for good ... then wait Adsense check mail "Congratulations! Your application has been approved Adsense our participation ... "

Wish you success!

31 Google Adsense playing experience (GA)

1. You have to make the content of the Google ads look like a part of your website, people hate the feeling one click advertising help someone profiting, but they want to find useful information for their

2. Links link text better pictures, of course, because the one I say it's due to human personality, to give us the text and links people click more options.

3. Do not separate the Google Adsense ads, you should do it with the same background color and link to the site by you.

4. Should play only one type of Google Adsense advertising, as it gives us the consistency and ease of management, to stay like that will not violate the provisions of the first Google Adsense on the same page .

5. Order it reasonable to place Google Adsense, you should make people notice immediately when you visit a website, but this is how customers sell themselves to others, but it was an effective player for Google Best Adsense, put it on top of the website and a side of the post, Google Adsense will display better and will give a "equate" high content.

6. Traffic, you do not have to find the way through the Google Adsense click fraud with the game, because its calculation algorithm is very smart, you play nice hips uHay information, such as how to make money long-term and effective.

7. You should use a trade policy for longer than nine nine jobs, do not do much web too, well managed with hip and hips traffic Camp will have more.

8. Remember, content is king, Google Adsense is the key player. But take a look at the Queen's visit, but if no king has no access to view the contents of your site useful, then soon you will not make any money.

9. Always obey the rules of Google Adsense, you absolutely must not violate, because Google Adsense simply think many people play the star manager, said this is extremely wrong because suddenly nobody opened the deposit it is for you to get the money.

10. Never change the HTML that Google Adsense offers you.

11. Do not encourage people to click on the Google Adsense ads in any form. Google Adsense is only 2 lines of text to accept this in their code, otherwise you do not get written, "sponsored links" or "advertisements.".

12. Never click on your Google Adsense ads, the site f5 Do your excess, because Google Adsense does not accept site is complete, you can test how the code displayed by Google Adsense Sandbox tool Tool.

13. Do not paste the Google Adsense into pop-up windows , the page is fault or page space.

14. Do not you ever make a lot of money just for Google Adsense, please refer to the topic you are capable of. Google Adsense income will come to you.

15. If the content is short, you put Google Adsense on top, long content you put Google Adsense on content inside somewhere, it will need to search for information is read.

16. If you can not use text as I said, you are forced to use images you should choose: 300 × 250medium rectangle , or 160 × 600 wide skyscraper - or even 2 if you set it to display multiple pages .

17. Time, is the measure of how much value the first click, click immediately to the site would be worth less than a few minutes to read the following content or click. So you see a large number of sites, Google Adsense experience it puts less but high value.

18. You can just paste into 1 page so that Google Adsense 3. A link line. 2 the Search , the first link Google Adsense product, if you have added it also rolls out.

19. Let the ads come filtration rate too low bid $ 0.1

20. But the first line is deciding what Google Adsense will display, use, to describe this series.

21. If the search box, leave it on display in a new window, this does not violate the provisions of Google Adsense, you do not believe then mail knew they would ask. Doing so will reduce our lost customers.

22. Most people think that Search is always on the top of the web, so you know where it is now?

23. If possible, do not write all the content on one page to make it to that page to read the other, this will help increase the click rate than Google Adsense, because people still have not found what they want, it will stimulating than they click on Google Adsense.

24. Use URL channels to be invited CACI check individual web site if you have more cursory Google Adsense.

25. If CTR pages too low, review the title and content, optimize it.

26. Use Use Overture or Google Adwords Keywords for people interested in cars from
most public courses in the state are pursuing and trying to optimize the site according to your directions it.

27. Use the Google Adsense click fix program to protect your account from one of the bad click.

28. Use Google sitemap, it can tell you who used to come to you with the keywords, and if people can see what keywords are interested in what your site and add it sensible.

29. If you just because Google Adsense, see which keywords have high value, buy a domain with similar content, and then view any web advertising and web-related richer content, please use thedownload , down the raw html code and paste it on your Google Adsense, it does not show a high content of the new course, the advantage of this is called repentance.

30. Do not boast the Domain Google Adsense you are playing out for everyone (if you're afraid of you), because it is easy to be jealous at dinnertime.

31. So for the Domain on the 1 year old to play. Under 1 year old Google it low trust level evaluation with ads showing high bid was worth only $ 0.01 range

Source of Video Games!

Top 5 ways to make money without having Adsense!

You are adsense member? Why blog if you do not have your adsense?

I know you're thinking the same as I mentioned above, but to be honest I do not like adsense too much which is why I removed adsense from blogging this. But if you do not have adsense than you do not need to worry about that today, we are discussing the Top 5 ways to make money without having Adsense ..

The dominance of the market Adsense ad serving have seen it standing dictator assumed rate declined for the candidates more deplorably advertising. However, with a range of different search options available, there is no cause for distress for both private users.

We first discuss alternatives sparkle to make money without adsense here.

Making money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a veritable cash cow if the moral capital. One is needed to promote your products or business traders and pocket a handsome commission on each sale made ​​at attractive 20-70% depending on the financial strength of a business. High-quality products with strong brand credibility, presence and potential to deliver what is promised will be boosted through blogs , write high quality articles, build a list large email, join the discussion on the forums seriously and write reviews of products. Low-quality products that should never be promoted through spam techniques and blackhat or illegal people will face serious losses reputation with fatal consequences.

Make money selling advertising space on the blog of your

Blog dedicated to promoting advanced products sure to attract the attention and interest of marketers want serious audience for their products on the pages of their site. Sell ​​banner ad space on the blogfor a niche product with a promise to transfer good amount of traffic will bring a handsome piece of income. The revenue will be relatively higher than Adsense ad networks sell advertising space on theblog about discounts whopping 90% of marketers selling due to abundant amount of space available to them. The potential advertisers should be allowed to offer their best prices to get more sales and make money without adsense.

Make Money Using Adsense best alternative

AdBrite and Chitika has emerged as the best alternative to Adsense when it comes to display context-sensitive ads. Their pay is highly competitive. Adbrite revenue share of 75-25% beneficial owner of the blog . Chitika is promoting the company's top sellers are appropriate ads displayed via custom advertising boxes and novel completely deviate from the industry standard is accepted and added drama the current ad serving. Chitika is the golden goose for publishers and ad platform that can be capitalized to earn advertising revenue daily. The pay-per-action based on paid advertising calls for publishers in somewhere between 2 and 20 dollars for each action. AdBrite and Chitika offers users have no doubt a new way to make money without adsense.

Make money by writing paid reviews on blogs of your

Millions of people around the world reading blogs every day. A company can generate tons of traffic and qualified attention to their products when it pays to pay to assess posted in blog context sensitive related products their niche. This mouth advertising, increase link popularity, reputation and brand exposure products and also provides an opportunity to understand consumer tastes and trends specific behavior. Eventually page products experienced a significant increase in ranking search engines. The company paid handsomely for their comments to be covered in the blog with a significant number of qualified visitors. One can earn money with adsense equivalent and this is gradually turning out to be a better alternative to earn money without adsense.

Make money using Text Ads

Publish text ads on blogs of your services by calling the Infolinks will help in making money from thesite Web highest revenue share from the contextual text ads. Only relevant ads are provided which basically improve conversion rates and increase revenue potential. Pay per click advertising can easily integrate the site and provide a web startup of your income and a new opportunity to make money without adsense.

Mo Raja is a blogger and freelance writer who has published in many guest posts on all pages web.

Google Adwords Advertising

To Google Adwords ad, the unit must perform the steps (rules) the following:

- Register that keyword advertising with Google and the agents of Google, the Google Adwords service provider. These units have the keyword auction with other companies with similar ads

- Your ads will appear on Google when customers query keyword phrases into the page of Google search

- Identify key words (keywords) that you want to advertise on Google based on business lines, the company's products.

- For each of the searcher clicks on the ad on the page Google search, one company will pay money for Google, in exchange for the customer's first visit there website

The advantage to using Google Adwords Services in GPSC:

GPSC will guide and advise you on:

- Consulting helps clients fully understand the keywords and ad effectiveness, it's necessary.

- Helping customers choose the most suitable keywords for your field of activity based on an analysis of field activities, target audience, informative content on your website.

- Analysis of competitors (companies with field operations) on each keyword and the level of customer searches for each keyword.

- On behalf of clients register with Google keyword advertising and Google's partners.

- The package cost method, you do not care about the price per click (CPC), ensuring your ads show 24/7, whenever a customer query.

- According to the track, tabulate statistics on the results of periodic campaigns: the customer queries, some visitors to the page of your site

- Unlimited number of customers clicking

- Implement support with website promotion in order to increase efficiency and synchronization for ad campaigns.

- Statistics and cost effectiveness, assessment after each campaign.

- Implement support with website promotion in order to increase efficiency and synchronization for keyword advertising campaigns.

Adsense Account Registration is simple if you know how

Hi there! Look through the forum threads MMO I see you have a lot of anxiety and difficulty in signing up for Google Adsense. Through this article I want to share to share some experiences of your Adsense registration success that I did.
At first, I was like you, very hard to register, I signed up to 5 times that is not acceptable. I have found this method to understand the different methods I finally noticed that the registration if they do not know the difficulty. I signed up to be 3 times including 2 times the account was closed for violating regulations.

There are certainly some acceptable way:
1. Web Registration through the space like Bukisa , Docstoc , forums.digitalpoint , ... in this way you have to take a lot of effort to write posts, upload documents, ...
2. Register directly through personal wesite: confess I have not done this way because my website did not meet their requirements.
3. Subscribe via Blospot: This is the easiest way. As you know Google's Blogspot is the offspring should be given priority when registering. Of course you have to abide by a minimum number through the following:
- Blogspot language is set to English
- Failure to register as soon as created Blogspot Adsense, you should write articles about 2 months or so
- The entire content in English
- Should not post the whole coppy from another article in English.
- Do not embed too much code JavaScript on Blogspot.
- Blogspot should not see that many, many words ...

To summarize: Google is to cooperate with the hard work and respect for rules.

I wish you success!

Make Money with Google Adsense easy or difficult?

Google AdSense is the Google program where you can store the advertiser pays for each click on theWebsite by you. When someone clicks on an ad, you earn money. Simple as that. It's that simple! ...

It is really easy to make money with Google AdSense as many people have gone through will make you believe that? Now program management very closely Google AdSense, google proves to us that Adsense is not the game that is actually working.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea that could make lots of money from Adsense, things will not be easy. In addition, there are many acts are Google ban when it comes to AdSense, and too manyWebmasters find out they violated Google's policies after the fact - often because they never read the AdSense policies.

Webmasters are not only made ​​by AdSense policies, but the page of their site must also comply with the governance policies page of Google web.

Prerequisites to Making Money with AdSense

To make money with Google AdSense, you need a lot of traffic to the site your site or there will not be anyone to click on ads. Pages web promotion techniques , especially search engine optimization and search article marketing will bring traffic to the site your site. You also need to have content to attract advertisers with Pay Per Click ( PPC ) rate related to that content. Then you need to set up the pagesof your site to blend in with the advertising pages of your website. The study revealed that people who visit the page containing advertising web use colors that are not in harmony with the site is the actual web development trends "ad blindness". This means that no matter how much traffic the site your website, chances are no one will click the ads because they will ignore them. If no one clicks, you make nothing.

Ad Dealing with competitors.

If you offer products or services on the Website by you, the first thing you'll notice when you begin hosting more ads from advertising to your competitors. Therefore, you will want to place ads on thepage that the web is not your money, or do like I did and not place ads on the pages of your site until you are too busy, you want to make a few dollars to your competitors than to continue to move the business has nothing to show for it.

Google AdSense allows you to specify up to 200 URLs for sites you want to put web advertising on the site by you. The problem is most of the time, you will not know the competitors out there until their ads appear.

Google make money Ad Options

Google offers three ways to make money from them:

Google AdSense for Content - A variety of ad sizes and shapes to put in your content available. This may be text or image ads or both - you specify what you will allow. Ad units are full ads. Link units are simply a strip of text links that your visitors might want to click. Google allows you to place up to 3 ad units and units Link 1 on every page of the site your website, you make under your policy for AdSense for Webmasters .

Google AdSense for search - put a search box on the page of your site. When a user enters a term and do a search, a page opens search results, the advertiser pays for each click. You can customize the color of pages of search results to harmonize with the pages of your website.

Google Referrals - you earn money by referring visitors to use a Google product, like AdSense, AdWords, Google Toolbar and other Google software. Just like Google AdSense for content and AdSense for Search, Google created the code that you paste into the desired location on the page of your site. You can choose from a variety of buttons and text links of different colors. As an example of how Google Referrals works, if someone went page of your site and clicks the link and signs up AdSense account, when that person earns a $ 100 from Google AdSense and get a payment from Google, you will also receive $ 100 for their introduction. This is a great idea to me, because you may be the world's worst Google AdSense advertiser, but if an ad generators happen to visit the site and use your web venture your referral link, you can earn money!

Google AdSense Payments

Google would not issue an AdSense payment until your earnings exceed $ 100. Unfortunately, there are loads of Google AdSense Forum entries moderator page web amassed $ 90 or more click through earnings only to get banned from Google and not get paid anything at all before they reach $ 100. This may be because Google does not have a close look to see if you are doing by their guide until it comes time to pay you. So yes, there are more stories than meets the eye.

Besides other AdSense Program

Yahoo and MSN have similar programs, although these programs are not as well developed as Google AdSense and there are not many available advertisers to display ads on the pages of your website.The basic principles for making money is the same: You still need a lot of traffic, you still need to pay high advertising, and you still need to design pages for your web ads harmony advertising to get people to click.

How do I ensure the application of my Google Adsense approval?

In recent years, registration Google Adsense account to add a test step, so the registration difficult than before. Mialui only introduce some necessary information for your application is accepted, and to keep your account active good to see some more information about Google Adsense here .

- You remember , the register Google Adsense account is the same as registering a company established for this business. You need accurate information, we sometimes thought dodge some personal information when registering is not recommended. Because they are paid, some Google Adsense need to step away.

- Name of Payment / Contact Name: You must enter the exact name registration can receive checks directly from Google Adsense. The name must be fully recorded and their middle. (You can also ask other people to register names, but when they get the money to have someone there to sign)

+ For business accounts: Name of organization / company to enter into the "Payee Name"

Enter the manager name + page web / blog in the organization / company you are in "contact name"

Mialui also been surprise after registration is complete Adsense account, a few days later (Mialui not remember exactly) they send Thanks a direct registered Adsense account and gift voucher worth U.S. $ 800,000 to advertise on Google Adwords.

- Location: Providing the only complete your information to receive a letter directly from Google Adsense .

+ Street address (including number, name / number of lines, number of floors / rooms)

+ City / Town

Zip Code +

National +

Email : Used to log in to your Adsense account registration declaration . When you join, you will receive an email regarding your account via email , the opening is getting asked to verify email when you register. For this reason, requires you to enter address email correct and valid to ensure you can get email from Google Adsense. If you entered is incorrect, you should take the time to register a new account.

Pages web / blog : you remember that when registering the web / blog you have to work then the new Google Adsense easily approved. Because they do not allow you to register for the site web /blog under construction. Their experts will assess site web / blog address when you link posts.According Mialui experience, create an account on blogger , setting up a site blog , for platforms that will be easier to register. After successful registration, you can add Google Adsense ads any pageweb / blog you own, do not need to declare the site web / blog with them, free site web / blog that do not have content forbidden by their rules.

Property Pages web / blog : this is obvious you must have a new registration, it is necessary for you to Google Adsense ads, you must add the HTML code in the web / blogs of you. If you register asite you do not own the site, you will not add, edit the source code, the application will not be accepted. For example, you register your site is In some countries such asChina Korea, India, they also force you to own page on the web that 6 months for registration. This is to ensure the quality of ad networks and advertisers interests of publishers and advertisers to participate.

Fortunately, Google Adsense was Vietnamese language support, so you sign up to be . There are some which can not be supported language should not be registered.

How to Create a Blog to Make Money Online with Blogspot [Blogger]

Hi there! Currently there are numerous ways to make money online vary depending on the level of understanding of technology information, as well as Internet each person choose their own way to make money best fit.
With these you do not understand much aboutprogramming a computer, how to make money by creating a blog is the most appropriate individuals.
During this article I want to introduce you how to create a Blog individuals from the most popular tool currently Blogspot Google . Blogspot tool is completely free, relatively easy to use. Google for you to use free up to 12 years, then maybe google will charge, but 12 years is enough to change everything.
Prior created the blog to make money , you need to determine exactly their forte field or fields that you really know and understand the most important is passion. You specify the range that most purposes of writing blog is to share and provide information and useful experience for other people so people will look to blog your and more people visit blogs of your the more you have the opportunity to earn extra money. Actually there are bloggers income even thousand million dollars a year.

followed by instructions on how to create your Blog from Blogspot:

Step 1:
- Access: http:// blogger . com or http:// If gmail (account google ) then you simply have not yet logged on, you just register a new account offline. The gmail Registration is easy, so I do not talk about it.

- Active

- Create 1 blog new

The first time you sign in to Blogger will be welcome message, press continue to start creating

=> Start creating blogs to

Step 2: Install Blog

Setting Blog name, blog address and after the first interface Created:

1> Click on Blog new.

2> Set the title for the blog , write any title you want to name the blog of you. Later you can change the title name so you do not need to worry about how the name or, for striking.

part addresses: Blog your form: [name you want]. This address can be changed but it is best not to change for the blog becomes more popular, more people know, the name change will lose that audience.

Note: Name and title Blog is the huge importance it affects the ability of search and SEO google . If the name you choose is already selected, you must choose a different name.

3> Click Create a Blog ! And start it.

Step 3: Celebrate Blog debut

So you have blog then okay. To view the blog , you open your browser type in the address: http:// [name blogs you've set].

Step 4 : Set interface and layout for blog your
- Blogspot template provides a lot of different skins to choose from.

- You click on the name of the blog just created => click Templates => conduct appropriate sampling (note: you should sample as simple as possible to blog load faster and brighter).

Step 5: Add the utility to remove blog
- Blogspot offers many different utilities: Search, translate, dates, statistics, Html / Java script (for embedded code ), ...

- You go back to the design blog => select Layout => here you can add or remove layout utilities such ease that puzzle.

Step 6: Get all
you need only click on the Log post is ok.

Step 7: Make Money

There are many sites to make money differently, but with a blog you should put the ad to click and view. According to her first you should make money with People-Group before, this is the site to make money the easiest This is the most prestigious and the blogger Vietnam.

Instructions on how to register People-Group is available at [ ] or [ / search / label / People-group ]

You just copy the code and paste it into your advertising gadget HTML / Java Script is.

wish you success!

How to Create a free blog with WordPress to make money [Blogger]

Currently, WordPress . com is free blog is widely used for many functions, many themes nice interface and easy to use.During this article I would like to introduce to you how to create a blog on WordPress . com. Step1: You visit the homepage of WordPress at: WordPress . Upon com home page appears, click on " Sign up now "button to start the registration process. Step 2: Create blog & Account access Sign WordPress

Please fill out the following information: - Blog Address: blog address with the domain name ***.wordpress . com For example: http://inetseomaster. wordpress . com - Username : your username on the blog - Password : password access - Email: email address to receive notifications. every email is only 1 Account registration on wordpress . com Click Sign Up screen will appear message your account has been created. Check Your E-mail to Complete Registration You open the email and click the link to activate your account & complete registration. You must complete the registration confirmation within 30 minutes. WordPress will automatically login to your blog admin page: For example: http:// inetseomaster. wordpress .com / wp-admin / On it there are a lot of things, but this time you only need to click on the menu Dashboard (on the left). As such, you have completed: + Create account WordPress (see Financial Information account, click the menu My Account ) + Create Blog WordPress (see the blog has been created, click the menu My Blog) Note: + An account can create more blog + unique address on the WP blog, & may change be changed. Step 3: Update the blog information Click on Settings menu (left end).

Site Title: Site title Language: en - English Vietnam. The entire interface will be transferred to the Vietnamese. Must Do to later stages you can beat Uni Vietnamese code on your blog to display properly. Upload an image to use as jpg or gif Avatar (option) Click the button Save changes to save the changes. Step 4: Create a new blog address & Change: You can create blog pages = clickingDashboard >> My Blogs => Display list of blog you are managing. = > Another Blog Click the Register button to create 1 blog with a new address. To change the blog address, blog list, you put the mouse cursor to the name of the blog, click on the link " Change Blog Address "

To transfer this blog to one other user, you click "Transfer Blog."

To add the address ( domain separately) to blog (1 blog multiple addresses): Click Settings >>Domains -> appearance of the address list blog.

Step 5: Post article on the site. Now, you are ready to write the first post on my blog. 1 / Add the blog click Dashboard >> Post >> Add New . and follow the instructions. Notice sorted by topic posts (Category). 2 / Add on the menu Click Dashboard >> Page >> Add New . and follow the instructions. posts sorted by Parent (ranks) and Order (order of appearance: 0, 1, 2, ..). >> You can refer to the instructions at http:/ / learn. wordpress . com Step 6: Conduct registration and placing ads to make money with some form of money you simply can join right (click for instructions): -People-Group - Bidvertiser - Clicksor - - CpmLeader - ... Wish you success.

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Make Money Online - Fact or scams!?

Hi there! In recent years the term MMO ( make money online ) has become so popular, it has receivedwith great interest by the youth especially the students, the students.

So the truth about how the MMO?
If anyone has not tried, not trying to make money on the internet, there will not be known. Too many years have failed to learn, my successes have found yourself a true MMO game seriously, if you play nice win playing properly, otherwise you will type your self out of the game. Do you remember one thing that no one who is not what era this difficult economy. Only serious work and tireless efforts in order to truly succeed. There have been examples of successful MMO, to the million dollar income a year. cats baby baby rats! "Know who know me, hundred percent winning games", use this statement in the MMO completely accurate. There are many ways to make money differently, I get some examples of making money by placing ads on Web or Blog: Some pages publisher (theprovision of services) requires ranking pages , of view, the solution , .. strict such as google Adsense, Adbrite or as the site of Vietnam as Admarket, ad360, ... is the "big mouse", while others require less than this can be considered but the " little mouse. " We need to evaluate the site at the level of their "big cats" or "cat baby" to be able to participate in the fair. As you can see, after a lot of testing I found myself just "cat baby" should have joined a number of sites that I consider to be his best suit like Bidvertiser , People-Group , Ad360, Infolinks, Ro2. biz , Cpmleader , , .. Here is the page of course requirements are not high you still have to adhere to their principles. Baby cat, but it will also be difficult to catch many mice there. Good luck!

The way to make money online should not be involved

1. PTC ( Paid to click )
This is a form of self click on the ads available to make money . This form is known from ancient times until now and, also earned some money, a few dozen to over one hundred dollars monthly, but some people nothing after all the months make toil on 1 pages scam is bigger several times over.
'm not encouraged to make money online because lost time, to go for people to become food introduction and commissions from subordinates. No additional knowledge. More likely to be fooled by these sites scam . Some sites make money this way as Neobux, the-bux, ...

2. Read email advertising
How to make money online is also quite popular abroad, each day you will receive one series of e-mail advertising and your task is to read each email and get points. Similar forms of PTC, I do not recommend that you make money in this way, the scam is much less true that, take time to checkmail which is the trigger for the money. 3. Chia shared documents (PTU) This is a way to make money online is pretty good, you divide shared document your personal, if someone else finds it necessary documentation , they will return your money to download and you get money. however good form, but you can can get into trouble with copyright. Especially if you upload the materials of others to make money , you may be in trouble with the law there. One page web in Vietnam this form you can reference are: alone, then we do not encourage this form because it involves copyright infringement that I do not like theft rights as well as other people were stealing his copyright. 4. Securities, gambling, betting ( Forex + Betting ) How to make money online can help you make money fast, but not sustainable, high risk and are more likely to take legal responsibility if not careful. So I do not encourage you to make money online in this way. Several other forms, such as introducing friends to the system and writing a lot, upload photos make money ,make money by introducing people access site web .... All are part of many scams, the site reputation and ability to earn a little extra income in a sustainable way from the way in is very low. - CPM Advertising Network

Monetize your website/blog with high CPM rate!
CPM Advertising Network accepts traffic from every country. Ads are in your visitor's language.
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Minimum payout is $ 5 via PayPal. Payouts are made once or twice a month.
If you have high quality traffic, you can get higher TQI (Traffic Quality Index), which will multiply your earnings.

Payout: 5$
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CPM rates:

(Rates can increase/decrease with higher/lower number of advertisers.)

How to make money online with link shortener?

Here i am going to describe how to make money online without investment with linkshortening service and the different tricks, strategy to multiply earning with spreading its link. is a link shortening service. It will make a normal link into paid link. Everyday we are coming across many links in internet. In social network we found many links which is shared by our friends it may be link of funny pictures, songs, video of a recently released movie trailer so many links. Now we can grasp those links and directly go head to link shortening service and turned it into paid link by shrinking those links with As you can see below, this is where you will paste a normal link, click on shrink then will generate a short link which is the paid link. Now again copy that link share it with your friend, share it in social network, put it in your personnel blogsite and follow different strategies to get more hits to your link. When people will click your paid link they will first see an ad for 5 sec before they reached in targeted website by skipping the ad.

now in order to be a user of the link shortening service you need to be a member of
so sign up at below to be a user of . Make sure you select a publisher account.


After sign up, you will get a mail to confirm your account. Just visit your e- mail and click that confirmation or verification link. Now you became the member of the Next step is to choose some interesting link like i have described above, the link may be a link of funny picture, songs, mp3, video of a recently released hot movie song, just copy that link url, log in to the website paste this link in shrinking box and will generate a link for you. After that the real work begins. Now pick up that link share it to your friend, in social network, in your blogsite to get maximum hit. If someone click that link you will be paid. will pay you $5, for every 10, 000 hits to your link. That means you will earn $1 if your link will be clicked 2000 times. However payout rate for different country is different. see below the pay out rates for some of the countries for every 1000 cost per view

Here we can see that the average cost per view for interstitial ads in Australia is high. That means if your link will get more traffic from australia your payout rate will be high.

Now you have to think how will you get so much traffic to your link. It is not easy to get 1000 of hits but you need to follow some strategy in order to make your link go viral.

One more thing, generally people find is the irritation for them. They do not want to wait 5 sec before they reach the destination. so they want to avoid it. In this case you can mask your link with url2it or url hider.

just copy your link and paste it into to url2it

now your is hidden with url2it. people will not come to know where that url leads. There are two reasons behind hide your link

1- To make people click your link
2- social network like facebook, stumble upon, my space , and yahoo answer has banned the link. so in order to spread your link in these social networks you have to mask it with url2it or hider.


Share your link into social network like

4-stumble upon
5- yahoo answer


You already know that facebook has banned the link. so now you need to be smart. hide your adfly url through url2it and post it in your timeline, group, fan page. Socialize yourself . whenever you are commenting in facebook with other friends put a link in comment, share funny pictures shrinked with but mind about spam. put related things in their discussion.

make as many as friend possible. if you do not have more friends, then today send more friend request. In a single account you can create 5000 friends. create more than one account. so that you will get more friends to share your link.

if you do not have facebook fan page, then create your own page today. collect as many as like possible. post your link in your fan page. similarly like others fan page, share your link related to their niche.

join in many groups, comment others posting, like their posting
at the same time you can share your link

TWITTER STRATEGY link has not been banned in twitter. You can directly tweet your link in twitter. If you connect your tweeter account with facebook account then your tweet also automatically appear in your face book timeline.

If you don't have a tweeter account then create more than one account in twitter. Follow more people related to your niche. Suppose you want to share hit songs, then follow the people those who have same interest. just in twitter search bar write music it will show many profiles regarding music. then follow them. for mass following you need a free account in tweepi tool a single click you can follow 20 people. Like that, you can follow more than 10,000 people not in a single day but within months wait for the people to follow you. In the mean time, you can check yourtweepi account. see the people who do not follow you. again unfollow them. Like that you can collect many followers. Now here is the point, what kind of link you have share to get maximum hit.

Choose some kind of hit songs, viral video link or the breaking news of a movie star, then shrinked it with then post it in twitter with some catchy description. if you want to hide your link then hide it through url2it because people easily want to avoid a link with adf.

Apart from your niche you can share other links with some catchy description. Don't twitt the link without writing anything because people do not know what the link about. So they can easily avoid it. Cause people to be tempted to click your link with your words.


You can share your link in orkut. create an account in orkut. Join in orkut community. there are 100 of communities in orkut with thousands of members. Join in many communities in different niches. Be active in community forum discussion. like others discussion. socialize yourself. people have many questions. Solve their questions with your link masked with url2it. Even you can create your own community and share your own stuff with an link.


Stumble upon social network has banned the link. So u can hide your link with hider or url2it. Stumble upon is a place where you can share your website, videos, photos. So choose some popular website with different niches, photos, videos to share.


Yahoo answer has banned the link. As you know Yahoo answer is the full of questions with different categories. many times people are looking for the website to download a particular mp3 songs, videos. you can answer them with your link masked with url2it.

Otherwise download some of the popular mp3 songs, youtube songs by using firefox extension you tube video downloader. again uplaod them in file sharing site like share cash, mediafire,

Then create a blog today for the purpose of link. Put all your sharecash, mediafire link. and also other music links, video links in your blog post and go to adfly website copy its full page script code.Again comeback to your blogsite dashboard. Click on layout . Next click on add a gadget.And Add html/java script , in content Paste the full page script and then save it. It will turn all link of your blogsite into paid link.

while you are answering in yahoo question you can put your blogsite url in yahoo answer resource box. If people will download music or videos using your sharecash or mediafire link then you will earn money from sharecash and also from But in sharecash before they are going to download anything they need to complete a survey. Otherwise you can use madiafire for uploading your mp3 or video song but make sure that you put all your madiafire link in your blog post.


You tube is another method to bring viral traffic to link. people love to see recent released hit songs, movie trailer or popular TV program. Now you can follow a simple method to earn money from you tube.

Step1- open an account in youtube
Step 2- find out some recently released hit songs, songs of famous artist, or videos of ganganam dance through google search. Then come to you tube. search these videos in youtube.
see their popularity, how they are getting hits. if these Videos are getting million and million hits then you have to copy them. just download 2 or 3 videos first . If you are using firefox browser then install add-ons youtube video downloader or you can download youtube video through after downloading 2 or 3 videos just save it in your computer

step 3-
i- Again upload these 2 or 3 videos in you tube with title similar to original title not same but you need to make bit difference . leave them for few days. After 3 or 4 days just log in to your youtube account see which videos are getting more hits. suppose you have uploaded a ganganam dance which is getting more hits. Then find out the some more ganganam videos of the same artist upload them in mediafire or uploading. com (file sharing sites). Then copy the mediafire link and shrink it in Put your link in description telling them that they can download these songs or similar songs by clicking this link

ii- Otherwise simply find out the other youtube videos of the same artist and shrink it in . Leave that link in description directing them to see similar videos.

iii- Create your own blog insert similar videos in your own blog put all your mediafire link shrinked with . Now come to your youtube videos. In description put your blog url shrinked with directing them to see other videos by clicking the link

Now continue this process and upload many videos in youtube. If your videos go viral then your earning will be more.

Now sign up at and make money online without investment.


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Make Money from shortened link to [make money online method effectively] be? is your link they will do to make things look smaller and more compact and you'll be able tomake money from this link: This is the original link (rather long):  http://kiem-   => reduced to . When someone clicks on your link and click SKIP AD   to the original link, you will earn money. quite simple form, you just need to enter the path (URL) to and then will give you a new path of fairly brief, this path to access access will lead to the original path that you have to add to the previous shortened.   $ 4.00/1000 visitors to your links . shortened After it's easy to put into the post and share with everyone, very simple. But more amazing when you still get paid if people click on that link. So this is a way to make money is quite interesting and effective, especially with what you havewebsite , blog, facebook or forum ... Here are detailed instructions for how to register and use AdF.lyNOTE: Reviews Usually you can also shorten the link on the page all but only when you log shorten links and then link that new charges

1. CLICK to start registering for your own account! 

2. Pages Home appears click on "Join Now". 

3. Fill in your registration information as in Fig.

If any information you enter will be invalid registration message and sending activation code via 1email sent to your mailbox for registration. (You only need to click on the mail link and activation code that is). 4. After successful activation you can login and use

5. Now you can shorten the link and share with people in the same frame on the website . After logging in, you should get a shortened link, paste and click Shrink!

Link shortened easy to remember, you simply copy and send it to everyone, when someone is visiting you money. Link as "hot", the more income. + Count view the price will be calculatedaccording to each country. In particular, you look at advertising . php .

At the site you can view information about the visits click on the link, you currently have or the National Statistical and click on your link in the box below. 6. When you qualify for payment (earn $ 5) you can request a withdrawal. Click on Withdraw Enter email your paypal or Alertpay and withdraw money! (If you do not have account paypal or Alertpay are viewing direction register here leads Paypal Alert Pay) Adf.Fly Arlet accept payment through Pay and Paypal , your automatic payment for the first 2 weeks and a minimum of $ 5 or more.

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