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CPM Advertising Network

CPMLeader is a CPM advertising network. CPMLeader was one of the first CPM advertising networkI found and joined. One of the effective thing about this site is, it automatically accepts your membership so you can implement the banners straight in your websites and start earning straight away.

CPM Rates

The CPM rates are different for each country. It was reported on another website that CPM rates for Asian countries is very poor and I can also confirm that you will not receive any payments for impressions from visitors that are from India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Sweden or Romania. I am confused why impressions are not counted from some European countries and I cannot confirm at this time what other countries' impressions you will not be paid for yet.

On the bright side, you can implement up to three banners(must be different sizes) on your website so you will be paid for each impression on each banner, multiplying your income by three.

CPM Rate By Country
U.S. 0.439
U.K. 0.183

Take Note: See bottom of page for update on CPM rates.
Traffic Reports

It has real time traffic reports, displays the CPM rates for each country and displays the amount of money you made so far, which I find very useful. TheCPM rates are much more higher for U.S visitors, its almost twice and half higher than U.K visitors.

Sign up for CPMLeader and monetize your website. CPM Advertising Network


Debashis Shaha August 31, 2013 at 9:37 AM

this information is really help for learn and earn money from online.
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