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Backlink - Effective SEO Methods [SEO]

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is extremely important significance to improve the website ranking. One of the effective SEO methods is how to put the other Website link to your Website (Website need SEO) method is called Backlink, a classic method, but still remains the same. That means that your website is of interest to other Web sites, as well as many Backlink.

As I understand it there are three ways that other website that is trusted concern, no reliability and normally reflected in the value of the rel attribute of the link (dofollow, nofollow).

Some of creating Backlink.

1. Use articles to create Backlink

Writing contains much information of interest is a good way to create Backlink. You can post articles on your site and publish Backlink accompanied them. Each site will publish your article Backlink create one. And you absolutely can hire someone or a resource that you post.

2. Use video clips to create Backlink

One way or the other is used to link the video clip. You can create a video clip of your daily life or a fun way to make your own money. Please post this clip on your site and publish them on video sites like,, and other sites. This work will give you a higher ranking on the search engines.

3. Using social networks to create Backlink

Using social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Google+, ... is a great way to generate quality backlinks. To create a link from the social network, create an account, to link people with similar interests, for their comment with a link to your site.

4. Join the forum to create Backlink

The blog owners are keen to receive comments from the readers. Visit the blog with the same theme for your blog and other blogs famous, for their comments. In the comments that you do not introduce yourself to engage in that conversation. For example, if you are watching an article on the Joomla content management, you can ask people "I really enjoyed the content management as page, it allows Mapping with Joomla articles post on the forum, no one knew just how to help her with ... ". Thus, you have to re Backlink simultaneously when users click on the link and make your website rank increases.

5. Install Backlink on open source and resource sharing

This method is widely applicable, the psychological SEOers typed like "temple used" by some users for free resources such as Web Templates, Extensions, ... Backlink to install on it and share, users and resources that will help create Backlink SEOers (so that no one who is not what). People who like "temple for" the resources that were lucky if they help create Backlink SEOers, it was more unlucky malicious code to steal information.
Here is one method that SEOers used, they installed some php source code file like below. Initially they produce a Backlink code, then encode it into a php file and then decode operation



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