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The significance of Seo, and SEM Ses [SEO]

SEO: From the first, many people care about most and least mistake or SEO. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization, optimizing search engines, SEO "> Search Engine Optimization - literally translated website optimization to increase website ranking on search engines.

With this concept, a lot of people doing business online is often equated SEO Promotion website. The truth is not so. SEO is one of the basic and compulsory in the process of promoting a website on the search system. To SEO a website, webmasters often have to use some tools like specialized software or tools available on the Net to measure only the Title, Keywords, Description, Body text, H1, H2, ... H7, the card Alt, Images card, card Robots, Refresh, Topic, .... and countless other specifications. The main principle of SEO is to make a website all the way to each site, and the Web faster, less error than technical, in the light source, less than and special script: There is no system faults is looking for cloaking techniques - techniques to fool the search engines.

SES - Search Engine Submission: Registration website on search engines. The term is also very interesting because it is the simplest and quickest way to help a fledgling website can be listed in the directory of search engines. The webmaster of this type generally use a specialized software such as SES AddWeb Promoter, Hello Search Engines, Dynamic Submission, ... to subscribe to various website search engines. Many webmasters are very proud of this as the software that you have registered for your website (and your customers) to thousands - or even millions of "search engine" just a few clicks - and the software will do replacement. The truth is as simple as that? Take Google, Yahoo and MSN as an example: To enroll in this 3 machine, you are required to do the work: enter security code (for Google and MSN) account or login (if you subscribe to Yahoo). This is only a human being can do - no software capable of making change.

Moreover, the 3 engines are looking for market share dominance with index: Google + Yahoo + MSN accounted for only approximately 85% of worldwide searches. In addition, the Search Engine such as AOL (use of Google results), Altavista, Alltheweb, Inktomi (Yahoo uses the results), Ask / Teoma, Lycos, HotBot Dogpile and accounted for 14.5% of the market is again. Thus the "thousands" of "millions" of "search engines" only remaining market share of approximately 0.5%. Registration is manually doing the right and necessary for your website to be identified early in the search system.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing. This is what the new managers and the business website online targeting. SEM is the synthesis of all the above stages, including website optimization, site registration and search system on the internet directory, put links to other sites (including the purchase link by placing logo, banner advertising) and many other jobs to help websites become more friendly to the search engines to rank websites for keywords in increasingly improved, more website visitors Access more.

Keywords: Key words - words that webmaster or website owner to be important for your website. Often, each site selected single words or phrases as keywords. For example, the website of the Tourist from Vietnam travel, Vietnam tours, ...; website, the entertainment from music, movies, entertainment, music, singer, model, fashion, ... often was selected as keywords. Time ago, keyword is vital for a site. But now with new algorithms from the search engines, the keywords play only a minor role.

Back Link - Link popularity: Link Popularity. One website are appreciated at Google or Yahoo when it has many links from other websites. However, there are not any affiliate links as well as many completely pointless because if you link to a website is listed in the black list (blacklisted for spamming technology used) or the website little or no access on topic and cons of it. Your website could be considered "the same boat" with other websites and thus risk being relegated your website is great.

Ranking, PageRank: With the ranking, the Alexa is accounted excellent reputation for accuracy and reliability. An Alexa website ranking high ranking website means that it is widely known, a lot of visitors and it is also easily be found with a high position in the search system. PageRank is a tool to measure the number of back links a website any. if you have high PageRank websites, the website is meant to be more accessible thanks to the direct access click on the link (or banner, logo) to get to your website and search system also favors the more you .

Search Engine: As the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, ... The search engines use a software called a robot, or spider or bot or crawler to automatically index and index all on our website "crawling" through. Then, this information is sent to the Data Center of the search engine for processing, filtering, sorting and put into storage. When an internet user to find content, they will beat the tasks keyword and search engine directories are searched in its relevant results (previously indexed). This work was carried out fully automatically and with different priorities for each different site. The good site, rich content (such as online newspapers, blogs big east member forums) index will be more frequent. Therefore, search results often fresh for the great site.

Internet Directory: This is the type of internet directories like the Yellow Pages of Vietnam. The folder contains a lot of sites in each category, each of the various topics. Unlike search engine - internet directories that usually works automatically updated by the administrator information through the registration of all incoming website. If your website is present in many internet directories are ranking, pagerank and position on the search engine is also higher.

Internet contains almost all the information relating to every area, every corner of life. But it is very wide, so wide almost no one can control. Appearance of the Internet changes so fast and powerful. The kernel of the Internet is the World Wide Web, with the number in the tens of billions of pages, millions stored in servers located around the world.

It is possible for the Internet as a vast ocean of data, with the multitude of gems are among the pebbles. In everyday life, the demand for information search plays a huge role, and one of the most pressing issues of today's technology is how to "find the golden sand treatment", exploiting this resource a reasonable way, the best benefit for humans. Finding information on the Internet is indeed a great challenge. It's not like dig the black bean rice is mixed in the tank, because data on the Internet by people brought in, we also have structure and organization determined (although the lack of consistency), while That is the black bean seeds are scattered and messy, not a position or any laws. However, the problem is more difficult search problems picking up a lot of black beans. To find all the black bean, you can simply design a sieve sphere large enough to be able to pour the rice into the bucket, with a hole the right size so that the rice grains are caught underground black beans are not, and turned fully around to all the grains have the opportunity to fly out. Finding information on the Internet is quite different.

There are tens of billions of Web pages on the Internet is flooded (many times the number of grains in bins), and the problem is how to make what we want to collect stars to simultaneously satisfy two criteria: Exactly and quickly. Moreover, users do not have the patience to sit through all the web pages contain information to look (he's also not necessarily black bean counting, however, considering the nutrient criteria, most portion of black bean are the same, so the pot before any grain is not important). In practice, users rarely exceed ten sites in the results, and therefore, a more difficult requirements to be addressed, that is what is most suitable to the forefront.

In the past, people often share the data needed to store multiple items, to turn the sub-sections is further subdivided more. Users searching for information through the browse link between the items. However, the topics outlined in the Internet has so vast that this division becomes extremely cumbersome and inconvenient. Today, most people use the Search Engine to find information on the Internet.

For each Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc ...), the user search queries (or, more simply enter some keywords related to the topic to find), and get a list results pages (web pages typically contain key search words), sorted according to a certain criteria. These criteria are aimed at making the most relevant results to search queries.

Free Search Engine building is a big challenge and well worth considering. Of course the product of the students as they do not make sense when compared to Google Search or Yahoo! Search, and of course also carries little commercial value, as well as practical (not to say that there is no Rather then). But for each one of us learn the value of learning and knowledge is so great, because as mentioned above, the array of topics related to Search Engine is a lot.



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