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The value of the link in Seo [ link-Seo ]

You really understand the power and value of the work of Seo Link to your website or not? So Seo Technology we will help you answer questions that okay

* Weight link

Weight link including the number and quality of links built in one time period specified. Weight is not necessarily linked high number of links to many, and one quality link is not necessarily enough to increase website rankings.

- Volume link

Imagine that we have 1000 low quality links and 10 links of good quality.

Assuming that each link has a mass of good quality (so-called weight) = 100 low quality links

=> Volume of 10 good quality links = 1000 volume of quality links.

In terms of volume equal and so are sure to create 1,000 poor quality links will be faster and use less energy than creating 10 good quality links (calculated at the time of start building links ). However, in terms of numbers it is clear that 10 <1.000 and assuming we need to buy 1 item for $ 1 million. If you put the 10 sheets 100K sales salesman would certainly prefer that to 1,000 sheets 1K.

=> If you consider Google as sellers, top product is the location of keywords, the link will be the value of the currency and the amount is linked banknote denominations define you give google, link quality is the value of the national currency with google products sold to you. (Here's an example to the understandable you do not cut the amount of USD> USD, the quality of American higher link in VN okay. Lame too)

Therefore, the weight associated with the same value of volume 1, but if the link quality will be better appreciated than google and sustainable than the number of links n times more than the link quality the worse. (In this case, google will probably be considered as the most natural and the google algorithm of ever-improving - that would be the death penalty for webmasters and seoers)

* Quality assessment links google how?

Google will evaluate link quality through the other elements:

- Natural links: These links are natural links that are placed around the other text is closely related to the content, field, meaning ...

- Of Link URL: URL of the destination must be optimized (friendly search engine)

- Deep Link: The depth of the link will affect the speed of the robots crawling search

- Age Of Link: Age of the link will determine the level of trust with its search engine. However, not sure that increasing age is associated confidence level of higher search engine (it does not proportional) because it also depends on other factors can be decided the level of trust associated

- Trust level of the link: trust level of the link depends on age and severity of its popularity and quality of link building (in addition to other factors)

- Link Populary: Prevalence of the link is determined based on the frequency of its appearance on the internet through blogs, MXH, websites, forums ... the first time identified

- Relative Link: The relevance of the link is evaluated based on the degree of joint governance of the page content links on the landing page

- Prestige of link building: The prestige of the link building depends on the prestige of the site that the link is placed.

- Dofollow Links: The links are placed in the "nofollow" will not be counted as one vote and if there are "nofollow links" will negatively affect the quality of the link. Therefore, the need to build the "dofollow links" to ensure that the links that are "popular"

- Traffic link: A visitor traffic on that link (directly or through 1 other websites)

 * Speed ​​Link

 As you gain speed or lost in the first link defined period.

=> High-speed links in one short period of time can help you improve your keyword rankings on the SERP for a few days, or 1.2 weeks (depending on the level of each particular case) but it then certainly it will be relegated very quickly and strongly. And it will be difficult and take time for you to restore it back

To get a long-term outcome and stability, the first building associated with appropriate speed and steady is the best way to appreciate google can link your destination.

* Seeking behavior and use of information affects search results

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[Source thegioiseo]


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